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Pregnant without symptoms?

Confused My ex boyfriend and myself had what i suppose you can call a heathy sex life, the problem was neither of us had an orgasim. For the past couple of weeks, for some odd reason i have had that "im pregnant" feeling, i mentioned something to him about it and he had told me that it was impossible for me to be because of the fact that he doesnt think he can reproduce, and he didnt have an orgasm. I had motioned to him the whole deal about precum, and he still said it would be impossible.
I was late on my period but then started a week later, ive been eating alot more then usual along with odd cravings. Normally im up at 6 in the morning ready for work but lately ive been sleeping in till 9 and even when i do finally wake up im still tired. Is it possible that i could be pregnant? Even though i had my period and dont have most of the symptoms?
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replied January 20th, 2008
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it is possible to get pregnant anytime you have sex. and even more so when you have unprotected sex
yes precum can get you pregnant

if you had your period your probably most likely not pregnant. some women do bleed druing pregnancy regularly but its not very common. however spoting of brown/pink blood is very common during pregnaancy

you can test 2 weeks after unprotected sex or after a missed period
when did you last have unprotected sex?
some women never have pregnancy symptoms
for me i didnt have any at all until after 2 months along. some women get them sooner. however pregnancy symptooms can also be symptoms of other things like pms and the flu.
the only way to know is test
and remember ALWAYS use protection if you dont want kids. because yes precum can and has gotten many people pregnant

good luck
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replied January 20th, 2008
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It isn't impossible that you are pregnant, but it isn't likely if he is unable to ejaculate. If your period came, then you are probably not pregnant. But you can wait until your next period is due and take a test or you can see your doctor and request a blood test.
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