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hospitalized twice with varying results

back in 1999 I was dx'ed as reactive hypoglycemia after almost passing out at a water park.
At home my sugar doesnt allow me to go 2 hours without eating. Then when i hit in the 80's i drop really quick.

I was in the hospital twice. october 30th... They fed me around 3ish in the afternoon -- rigatoni, spag sauce meatballs, greenbeans, salad, apple, and a diet gingerale. All the rest of the day and most of the next day... .and my sugar (according to their tester at the hospital was toggling between 90's and 80's all night. then around 3 or so on halloween day.... it finally went down to 77... .. (they wanted me to drop below 50's cuz they said there was some test to run if you go into or below 50's.
Then they gave me a 5 hour GTT... right after that.
They were testing my sugar every 1/2 hour from my finger...andalsodrawing from my arm for the lab.
the lady from the lab looked at the results from my finger and told me that what she was getting from the blood from the arm was really different.
she said the ones the lab was drawing was normal.
The onesfrom the fingers was in the high 200's ...infact at onepoint going ashigh as 289.

I was just in the hospital from jan 13 -- to jan 14th... and i took my sugar tester with me. Again.. because other tests they were running (stress tests) i couldnt eat again (this hospital has a thing for starving its patients lol)
They were testing me and i was in the 90's and 100's. I a test a few times to their tests...and we have vastly different tests. when they tested me one time.. (15 minutes or so before i tested mine once--- theirs said 134 and mine read 77)
I had a few other tests that were back to back from mine to theirs.
if i go 2- 3 hours without eating.... i get in the 70' and 60's -- and a few times ... in the 50's.
Mostly i stay in the 70's.

I have also noticed that when i do anything that exerts energy... i drop like crazy too, even if i just have eatin 15 minutes before. Which isnt good for my body... or is hard to be intimate with my husband...
I get very cloudy... and can't function... sometimes i get the shakes and sometimes i don't.... sometimes my one arm goes completely and i can't use it at all (this is usually in the 60's and 50's.)

i have been sticking close to the house. I dont see how long i can go away from the house having to eat every two hours... and having to take all that food with me. I also have panick disorder ... so that makes it worse. When i panick... my sugar drops... also.

I follow a diabetic diet. I ahve tried the 'low carb diet... and for 2 weeks it worked.. then all of a sudden i started only being able to stay within a good sugar level for a 1/2 hour.

I gave my meal plan to my dietician at a diabetes clinic... and she said it looks good..
then why am i still having such an issue.
can someone help me. Mornings are the worst.
I eat Eggs, whole wheat toast, 1/2 cup of fried potatoes in butter, (sometimes broccoli, and sometimes cheese, and sometimes both in my eggs), v8 drink, and i try for either an apple or grapefruit.
-- she said that this was a good breakfast.

I have trouble staying with good sugar till lunch. or even a snack inbetween.

---- if u need any more i info.. just let me know.

Thank you in advance.
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replied January 25th, 2008
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You're not going to like this, but in your case it sounds like, as in mine and many people on here, you need to eliminate a lot of those carbs you're eating. Potatoes should be totally avoided at first, and unless you're buying really, really good bread it's not going to be doing you any good. However, due to your severe symptoms (the panic, by the way, you'll find will be ONLY due to this) you're not going to see any results until you go mainly low carb with a focus on fruits and vegetables. Here's how I know that. What you describe above is the typical reaction. Feeling good for around 2 weeks and then suddenly feeling bad again. Unfortunately, there is NOTHING you can do about this, you have to keep eating the diet until your body slowly gets normal again, and, not going to like this, it could take up to a year or a little longer to see the results you want. There is nothing else you can do, but if you want, there's a dangerous medicine called diazoxide they can prescribe. I don't recommend it though.
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