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Severe and sudden middle/lower back pain

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Over the last 24 hours I've developed severe and sudden middle/lower back pain. It started around 12 last night totally out of the blue and since then has become alot worse leading to where I am now being unable to put any weight on it at all due to the intense pain.

A little (maybe relevant) background info. I was sick (vomit) last saturday and since then I've had a harsh cough (no blood) and a bad cold which has made me unable to sleep more than a few hours. The cough has been abating slightly these past few days and the back pain didn't start immediately or even close to a coughing fit. I haven't done anything strenuous since december. I'm a 23 year old male smoker who isn't overweight.

Would like some advice on whether I should go to the docs on Monday, hospital today or just ride it out and see if it gets better.


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