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baby strains and arches his back in sleep

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My son will be 6 weeks old on Monday. About 2 weeks of age he developed sleeping problems. He strains and grunts and arches his back in his sleep. He almost never wakes up doing it, but his face turns red and he is very uncomfortable. It starts around midnight every night and gets worse as the night goes on. He stops doing it around 7-8 in the morning. Sometimes he wakes up crying but it`s very rare. Lately he started doing it also when he is awake and naptime during the day. Of course I haven`t slept either, because I can hear it and really breaks my heart seeing my baby in pain. It seems like he is constipated, but he has normal bowel movements. My pediatrician says it`s normal baby behavior and he is colicy. But he is not fussy and doesn`t cry while doing it???? He is a happy baby while he is awake and really only cries when there is something wrong. I also thought it`s gas, I have cut out all dairy in my diet and switched the formule to soy formula - I breastfeed and formulafeed, since I don`t produce enough milk. Nothing has changed. So I don`t know if it`s gas, if he is colicky or is it something else. Has anyone else had these problems with their baby? Please help, I don`t know what to do.
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replied January 21st, 2008
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I was a colicy baby and would cry for hours each and every night due to painful gas. Have you tried more simple little things like swadling your baby tightly and having him lay in diff positions? My son arches his back and cries from time to time too and in most cases he just wants to be tightly wrapped because his blankets came loosened and he wants to change positions, hes a side layer like his momma. You can be amazed what little things like that can make such a differance! Think of many aspects like that and try them all out, it might just help! Smile
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replied May 14th, 2011
grunting and arching back
i am not sure what this 2 week old daughter also has this issue. i exclusivley breastfeed her and believe i have too much milk and what is known as a "forceful let down" when feeding her. It breaks my heart to listen and see her in pain. i am not sure on what to do??? she doesnt really poo as much as ive been told she should..perhaps 5 a day and sometimes after she has been straining for hours all that is in her nappy is like a smear of poop. i was worried that maybe this grunting etc was due to her having trouble breathing?
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