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swelling and pain in eyelid after rubbing

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A few days ago I was rubbing my eye because it itched a little. Then I heard and i felt a 'POP' and right after that my eyelid started to hurt. It didn't hurt bad at first but then the next day it started o hurt more and I could see slight swelling. That night it hurt real bad to sleep on it. I woke up the next day to have it hurting a whole lot worse, so I looked in a mirror and one whole side of my eyelid was swollen and very slightly purplish.
I had a pimple under my eyelid of my other eye a while ago and it kinda looked similar to this, but i see no blemish of any kind around or under my eyelid. And when I lift up my eyelid to look and see whats wrong, it feels like someone is tearing my whole eyelid off.
If anyone has had a similar problem and/or might know what happened, please tell me!
I think I might have cracked the cartilage of my eyelid or something. I don't know =/
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