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Forgetting to take Isoniazid and having weird breathing

I got a positive on my skin test and a negative on my chest exam. The skin test was a large enough reaction that they put me on a medication called ISONIAZID 300mg once a day. Since I don't experience any symptom I often forget to take the medication, how imperative is it that I take it everyday? I also have been experiencing weird breathing patterns, every so often I need to take really deep breaths. I'm not sure if its related, but I read the Signs and Symptoms and it was not indicated as a symptom. Any feedback would be great.
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replied September 5th, 2008
I'm on isoniazid now, I couldn't answer before because I wasn't on it. After only a few months, I feel much better on it and know when I forget to take it because I start to feel bad.

The breathing problem sounds like an apnea or something and I had that same problem alot when my thyroid was out of whack. It was like I had to remember to breath and wasn't getting enough oxygen. I was diagnosed previously though withhypoxia, asthma and COPD, but the real cause was my endocrine system (thyroid pituitary and adrenals) I've found out with treatment.

I would definitely try to got to a doctor, even if you have to go to ER and get checked, because you sound like you are not getting enough oxygen or that maybe you could be having a reaction to the isoniazid, unless the isoniazid fixes it.

I can't believe how quickly I feel bad when I take a dose late. It is one medicine I don't forget to take.

Also, I am now having to get my endocrine retested since my temperature has risen and I have so much more energy now that I'm taking it.

Take care and let me know what you find out.
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