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For the past 8 weeks or so I've been experiencing some relatively bizarre and (so far) unexplained symptoms:

I went to visit my family in Dallas for Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving, I was riding with a friend to meet up with my brother and cousin at a local bar to watch a hockey game. On the way there, though, I started experiencing some inexplicable lightheadedness, fatigue and (most notably) shortness of breath. I tried to play it off, but the feeling(s) started to increase rapidly -- ultimately, to the point where I seriously felt like I was going to die. So, as a result, I convinced my friend to take me to the ER.

By this point I'm admittedly panicking. To expand a little more on the symptoms:

* The most disruptive one is difficulty breathing. I feel a definite tightness in my throat, but it's kind of coupled with a tightness in my chest. That's accompanied by an ache that feels kind of fluish. Like, when you go for a jog when it's cold outside and you breathe in cold air too deeply for too long...that kind of ache.

* The fatigue can get to the point where I almost feel like I'm about to lose consciousness. However, it kind of doesn't bother me all that much because, to be honest with you, sometimes when this is going on, I wish that I would lose consciousness so I wouldn't have to deal with not being able to breathe. I know it sounds morbid, but it is what it is.

* The lightheadedness is almost always accompanied with my hands and feet becoming uncomfortably and noticeably cold. When this is happening, I'll usually have momentary bouts of confusion. — Weird, right?

Long story short: every nurse and doctor in the house decided to weigh in on my issue. By the time I left, the possibility of hypoglycemia had been introduced to me, as well as asthma, an acute allergic reaction and, of course, the blanket answer; panic attack. So, they basically pump me up with Valium, write me a 10 dose prescription for Xanax and send me on my way. By this time, I'd pretty much accepted the fact that I'd had a panic attack. The Valium seemed to help in that, my symptoms were still there, but I wasn't flipping out about them anymore. I went to sleep that night assured that everything would be back to normal when I woke up.

Well, it wasn't. In fact, I've had the same symptoms pretty much 24/7 since that evening, even after returning to Phoenix. Of course, the degree(s) vary and not all of the symptoms are constant (except for the difficulty breathing -- no matter what. The fatigue and lightheadedness only come in what I'd refer to as "attacks" which can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours and happen anywhere from 1-3 times a day (mostly at night, for some reason).

Since then, I've had two extensive physicals from two different GP's. Blood work, x-rays, EKG's, breathing name it, I've done it...twice. And, surprise-surprise, I've got no answers. -- It should be noted that the first Dr did make it a point to A) not listen to anything I said and B) treat me like I was completely out of my mind. After two visits with her, she had written me prescriptions for Xanax, Celexa (sp?) and some sort of bizarre "blue starter kit" for bi-polar disorder (after I had a really intense adverse reaction to the Celexa).

Dr #2 has come up with zilch, also after two visits. But, on the bright side, they're actually trying to treat my symptoms. On the first visit, I was prescribed an Albuterol inhaler and Bioxcin for acute bronchitis. This surprisingly seemed to help a lot for the week I was on it. The constant pressure and ache in my chest and throat was still there, but I felt a definite change for the better after Day #2. However, that was about a 5-6 weeks ago and the symptoms were back in full swing after about 6-7 days after I started taking Bioxcin.

So, now what I do in between fruitless Dr visits is basically try to deal with the symptoms as they come with a cocktail of Ibuprofen, Xanax and Albuterol. The Ibuprofen seems to alleviate the swelling feeling I get in my throat and the aching tightness in my chest to some degree. The inhaler is a nice touch, but it only helps to a certain extent. The Xanax is kind of last resort for me. I treat these little guys like they're radioactive (a few years ago I became desperately addicted to benzodiazepines - namely Xanax - and it was a long, hard road getting out — needless to say, I don't want to deal with that again). I usually only take Xanax before I fly, as that can be particularly stressful on my breathing condition or if things get to a point where if I don't take it, I'll eventually just get so worked up that I'll aggravate the symptoms. To give you an idea of how much Xanax I take: I was prescribed 30 .5mg tabs with refills every 30 days. That was about 7-8 weeks ago and I've taken about 12 of them total. In that time, I've taken 3 round trip flights.

Does anybody have any idea what's going on here??

Now, while I appreciate all input on this topic, if your answer is anything along the lines of "panic disorder", please don't waste your time posting. I've dealt the panic my entire life (see: benzodiazepine addiction) and this is not panic. Believe me, I know. However, I will admit that I do in fact panic from time to time when these symptoms occur. But I think it's a natural panic. As in, if I didn't panic sometimes when this is happening, I might need to consider the fact that I'm dead. Imagine laying on your back while 12-year-old kid balances on your neck and upper chest and tell me that wouldn't make you just a little uneasy. In fact, since I've been dealing with this every day for like, 2 months, I've almost become blasé about the whole thing (EG the panicking has all but died off entirely — now I just sort of sit and wait for the attacks to end).

Aside from that, I invite any thoughts or theories you might have. I've seriously considered everything: thyroid complications, asthma, allergies, "valley fever", bronchitis, acid reflux and, yes, even panic.

Some things that might be important to know about me:

* 24 year old male
* Average height, weight, build etc.
* No known preexisting conditions
* Up until these symptoms, I was pretty physically active — however, I've been slowed to the pace of a turtle
* Recently quit smoking about 3 months ago
* Strict pescatarian diet (vegan, except I eat fish/shellfish)
* I've lived in Phoenix for about 4 years (some people seem to think this is important to know)

P.S. A couple of things that I forgot to mention: for some reason alcohol and coffee seem to either aggravate or actually cause these attacks to occur. I can't really tell which. I realize that I might just be a little too analytical but coffee has been one of the only common denominators in all of these attacks. Oh, and I'm also developing a slight cough when the breathing thing really clamps Anyways, I thought those were all noteworthy. Do with them what you will.

Thanks in advance!
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replied June 26th, 2008
hi. i would like to know if you have been able to find a name or a cure for your symptoms. i have been sufferin from some of what you have also been dealin with and i would be VERY interested in knowing if you have managed to find a resolution.
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replied June 26th, 2008
Re: hello
fellow wrote:
hi. i would like to know if you have been able to find a name or a cure for your symptoms. i have been sufferin from some of what you have also been dealin with and i would be VERY interested in knowing if you have managed to find a resolution.

Actually, after a lot of being shifted around from doctor to doctor I was finally diagnosed as having an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) which, as you might have guessed, is a heart condition. It's similar to but not quite as common as a PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale). was a hole in the heart. Unoxygenated blood from one atrium was mixing with oxygenated blood in the other atrium, thus making me feel like total s*#t and overworking my heart.

If this turns out to be the case with you, don't be freaked out. It's actually really common and the surgery is a breeze. And if you're still relatively young and your heart is enlarged as a result of the hole, it's not that big of a deal, apparently. I started feeling better gradually. It's been 4 months now and I'm 100% back to normal.

Just a word of warning though; there are A LOT of cardiologists that think that having symptoms from an ASD or PFO is totally ridiculous (which, in and of itself is ridiculous -- how could you not have an long term negative effects from A HOLE IN YOUR HEART??). However, I mean, come can't argue with results. I had my ASD patched and now 3 months later I'm as good as new. These Dr's are totally archaic and should probably be sent back to medical school...but what do I know?
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replied December 14th, 2015
Wow! I find it comical that doctors actually think you can't actually feel symptoms from having a hole in your heart! I know this post was a long time ago, but I'm just now reading it, and from my own personal experience, I have to say doctors who say you can't feel symptoms from this are severely deluded. My personal experience is that my pet chinchilla has this condition. And yes, he's a large rodent. He didn't tell me he felt bad, I could tell by looking at him. When I took him to the vet and they did an echocardiagram on him, there it was. A hole in his heart. So, if an over-sized rodent can show that they are suffering from this condition just by looking at them and without them verbally telling you, I think humans can vouch for it all the more. Like, really. Deluded.
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replied July 6th, 2008
I am a 24 y/o male who went to the hospital for the following symptoms: Unable to recall events between a half hour to the next day. I would go into "auto pilot" where i would function but not lay down tracks of memory. I would go through motions and end up not knowing where i am or sometimes who i am. I ended up going to the hospital because i could not recall events of the night prior to going to the hospital. I ended up collapsing and striking my face on the curb. The next morning i did not recall anything 6 hours prior to an hour after i woke up. I had severe lacerations to my face and ended up in the hospital. I had shortness of breath and chest pains. So when i ended up in the hospital they did and EEG, X-ray, CT scan, EKG, MRI, and an ultra sound of my chest due to the chest pains. The ultra sound showed a small hole in my heart. And they suggested i follow up with a cardiologist and neurologist.

I followed up with both. My cardiologist performed a TEE which revealed a medium to large ASD. My neurologist suggested it might be siezures, but believes its more cardiac then anything else. He believes its a lack of oxygen in my blood going to my brain. My cardiologist believes it was asthma thats causing the shortness of breath and the chest pain is just anxiety. This is been going on since January 2008. I have been in and out of the hospital for chest pains and shortness of breath.

Nothing has changed in my symptoms. I still have chest pains and shortness of breath. I cant do much exercise without getting extremely tired and lathargic and chest pain. I havent had any episodes lately where i dont know where i am, but still have trouble with remembering a lot of things. I still have the punching feeling where i feel extremely lightheaded.

I am on 11 different medications now. I have been on xanax, effexor, ativan, before they decided to put me on klonopin and celexa. Like i said, i am on 11 different medications. None of my medications are for my chest pain. I am on advair and adbudoral for shortness of breath. Even though i did the asthma tests and came up negative for asthma. On keppra for seizures even though my neurologist thinks its more cardiac, but to be on the safe side, gave me keppra. I am seeing a physchiatrist because of the medication, (military rules to see them when on a lot of meds). He perscribed celexa and klonopin to fight against the negative side effects of the keppra. And allegra and flonase for allergies. Nexium for acid reflux, and flexeral, and neproxyn for falling down the stairs on the way to the hospital. Had the chest pains. Went to the hospital and as i was walking down the stairs had the punching feeling and collapse at the top of the stairs and messed up my back.

Needless to say the only facts i have is that i have an ASD. Not sure the size. But still have chest pains and everything else. My primary care doctor has tried to send me to cardiologists to get my hole fixed, but cardiologists dont want to or dont feel the need to fix the hole. My physician, neurologist, phychiatrist, phychologist, and a handful of physicians at the hospital say its cardiac related.

I am at my wits end with this. This has been going on since January. I am a firefighter for the military, and since all of this has started i cannot do my job. I miss my job and want to get back to being active again. I use to play hockey and lacrosse and fight fire. How do i get back to enjoying my life again? Where did you go to finally get fixed? And how did you get it done?
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replied July 6th, 2008
Re: hello
tittye wrote:
I am at my wits end with this. This has been going on since January. I am a firefighter for the military, and since all of this has started i cannot do my job. I miss my job and want to get back to being active again. I use to play hockey and lacrosse and fight fire. How do i get back to enjoying my life again? Where did you go to finally get fixed? And how did you get it done?

I know what you mean. It's definitely rough. I didn't really have as many of the neurological side effects as you've experienced, but I did deal with some memory loss as a result of my ASD. Also, towards the end I was definitely experiencing chest pains. I mean, if you think about it, it makes sense. The heart and the area surrounding the heart obviously have nerves. If you're heart and lungs are overworked, over sized and exhausted as a result of an ASD or PFO, then pain is often natural.

I went to several Dr's who suggested psychiatric drugs, and for a time I entertained the idea. But, I'm telling you, ASD's do produce symptoms. Sometimes really intense and possibly life threatening symptoms. However, a lot of cardiologists just plain don't believe in this concept. I know because I dealt with a lot of them. And, you know what? They were all wrong. Every last one of them.

As a I mentioned in my last post, you can't really argue with results. I had an ASD, they patched it, symptoms gone. The end.

There are even still a lot of extremely respected facilities like the Mayo Clinic that basically say "ASD's are totally harmless and would never in any plain of reality produce symptoms." Needless to say, thank Christ I didn't end up at the Mayo Clinic.

Basically, what you need to do is get with your GP and just really insist that they refer you to a new cardiologist. Do your homework on ASD's and make sure you're really on top of your appointments, get your records transfered (or make sure you have physical copies). If that cardiologist doesn't get on your side then go to another one. Eventually, you'll find one that will understand your case and believe in your problem.

ASD repair is a somewhat recent development, I've come to understand and there are still a lot of non-believers out there...which is scary. But you just have to keep plugging away and, for God's sake, you need to get PROACTIVE and start harassing your Dr's to do something for you. Remember, Dr's treat symptoms, not patients. They don't really care about your quality of life, at the end of the day...honestly. So, I mean, none of them are going to pick you up as a charity case because they feel bad for you. Get on the phone, get in their offices, ask the right questions, as a lot of questions, get all the tests done, do everything you can. If you end up with a cardiologist that seems aloof or uninterested in your problem, don't get discouraged...just find another one and hope they'll listen.

Dr's by nature are extremely arrogant I've noticed. If they can't figure out what's wrong they'll usually just pump you full of psychiatric drugs. That's total BS and you need to get off of all that garbage ASAP. Furthermore, don't mention to any cardiologists you might deal with in the future that you were on psychiatric drugs. Dr's tend to take you less seriously, I've noticed. It's kind of messed up, but it's true.

Oh...and I had my procedure done at The Arizona Heart Hospital and my regular cardiologist (who actually performed my surgery) is at the Arizona Heart Institute. Fantastic hospital. Great docs. Super understanding and super sympathetic to my cause.

And think of it this way; you NEED to get the ASD patched no matter what. Even if it's not the cause of your symptoms, at least you can rule that out later.

Best of luck to you. Hopefully you can find a cardiologist that will perform the procedure.
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replied January 10th, 2009
Same Symptoms as you
I am just like you except 33yr old female, no previous problems. Woke up in the middle of the night, with stabbing chest pain that eventually led to dull chest pains that have never went away. I have been dealt the "panic" card too, and I know that it not it, in fact, like you, I've just dealt with it when it comes and goes and just take small breathes so that I don't lock up my chest anymore. At first, it was labeled Costochondritis, but the aches in the sternum have been long gone since (this has been going on for three months+ now) and the aches have spread to my arms and I now have an overall feeling of weakness/fatigue. I also can't do too much physically now or it brings the chest pain/breathlessness on, so I have learned to pace myself, but since I used to be a very active person, I am also now at a turtle's pace.

After bloodwork, Xrays, and a CT scan of my chest, they have found a small lump near my adrenal gland in the retroperitoneum. I am waiting to get further tests to figure out if its cancer or just a lump. They also see a very tiny lump at the top of my lung, but they don't think its anything. Either way, doesn't really explain the chest symptoms and the weakness in my arms. I have no swollen lymph nodes anywhere, but my underarms do hurt like I did too many butterfly's in the gym, which of course feeds into my chest muscles.

I am waiting to rule out the lump in the abdomen as an enlarged lymph node. I'll keep you posted, but get a CT scan of your chest and perhaps your abdomen too.

Good Luck to us all

Have you gotten any CT scans done?
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replied February 6th, 2009
Been dealing with this 2 yrs
I too am having these types of symptoms. I started two years ago with lightheadedness and heart palpitations. I was diagnosed with a deviated septum. Since then I have had two sinus surgeries. I went to the emergency room probably 5 times due to the heart palps and shortness of breath. My primary has rukes acute sinusitis which develops into panic attacks when I get dizzy?? On one of my last trips to the ER they gave me Zanax and told me maybe I should go to the Psych center for some counseling. I was pissed!!! I knew something wasn't right. I went back to my cardiologist who did a stress test and low and behold after the stress test was completed my symptoms arrived. Thank god he was able to see it. It is SVT.(supraventriculartachycardia) well I went for a cardiac ablation, where they go into your heart throught he groin in both legs to try to kill the electrical spot htat is creating the problem. They couldn't get it to work -- 7 hours later. This had to be done while you were awake as well. But I felt at least they found something I can deal with it. Well my symptoms returned and I ended up back to the cardio and they did a nuclear stress test. Again, they found my heart had an irregular beat but it was not damaging my heart. Still having sinus issues so they say any way. I think at this point they just say sinus and give me more antibiotics and send me on my way. I also take valium which I am taking very often now as I pretty much feel like sh** everyday. I feel like I am going crazy as they cannot find out what is wrong. I know something is not right but frustrated on what to do next??? At this point any type of exercise leaves me completely breathless. I am out of shape as I never feel good enough to exercise. Any ideas on what or where to go next with this?????
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replied February 26th, 2009
Sounds familiar...
Hi everyone -

I'm a 25-yo female from Philly. I've had asthma since birth (take Advair 2x daily), but was dealing with it fine for many years. I played several sports from age 7 thru high school. My first year of high school, I got a severe cold/pneumonia that laid me up in bed for a few weeks.

Following this cold, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and began to have trouble breathing during exercise (feels like someone is strangling me, stabbing pain in chest).

Since this pain started, I've been to several pulmonologists, and taken various exercise/spirometry tests, all without any definitive answer. They all defaulted to exercise-induced asthma in addition to my longstanding asthma.

As a result, I started taking Combivent for exercise-induced asthma, as well as a variety of other inhalers, none of which seem to help much.

I get sort of this radiating pain from my chest up through my throat and ears/eustacian tubes. It's not the nicest feeling, and has really limited my exercising. I don't commit to play team sports anymore b/c I don't know if I'll be able to breathe or not during the games.

So reading about your experiences makes me at least feel sane, since no doctors to date have believed me (no evidence on spirometry, FEV tests, X-ray etc. never had a CT scan...). Thanks everyone for sharing. I'll look into your suggestions.
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replied May 6th, 2009
Lightheadedness Fatigue
Hi everyone,

I have somewhat similar kind of symptoms, I am not sure about these symptoms as I am facing this first time. I am 30 yr old male , I came to Vietnam for my project related work where it all started.

It started with flu kind of symptoms , I had cold, later coughs. I did not take it seriously initially but as I had coughs continuosly for more than 20 days I saw a doctor who after seeing chest x-ray diagnosed Bronchitis. Dr. prescribed me Klacid forte 500mg for 7 days and an inhaler for 15 days. My cough got cured but after that I have never been able to recover completely. I feel tired , fatigue, lightheadedness. These symptoms are something which I am feeling first time but as I don't have a clear symptoms I did not see doctor. One major prob. here is lauguage, its very difficult to find doctor who understands English. I am afraid if they understand some level of English, will they be able to understand these symptoms. Now I have following symptoms from past 40 days:

1) Fatigue --I always feel fatigued.
2) lightheadedness -- this is too frequent, this is something strange sort of feeling.
3)weakness --I never feel energetic, I feel weakness in leg muscles cannot stand on legs for more time.
4) I always have a feeling to got to bed and rest while on work.
5) Lack of concentration.

My work has affected a lot because of this situation, please suggest me shall I go to cardiologist and get all test done after having seen your post. I may have to be specific on tests as i doubt they will understand. Please tell me test for detection of ASD.

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replied August 26th, 2009
Sanjay - my symptoms sound similar to yours, but you don't mention if you're short of breath? Do you feel like you just can't get enough air when you breathe, especially if you're walking/talking/active?

I had your symptoms plus shortness of breath. Since I was otherwise quite healthy and had not chest pains it took a while to get them to see my problems. When they finally did a CT scan of my chest, they found multiple pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. I'm being treated now and things are looking up. Without going in to all the details, make sure they have done a CT scan with contrast on your chest to rule out PE if you're short of breath. It saved my life - I could have dropped dead at any moment!
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replied January 19th, 2010
shaixhulud: how did you finally get the diagnosis? I have almost exactly the same symptoms and I have had am EKG and the whole works. What test was done to figure out it was ASD?
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replied August 22nd, 2010
Hey I'm a 15 year old girl and I've been feeling really weird lately. Once in a while over the past year I'd get this feeling like I couldn't breathe enough or that I was holding my breath for too long, but I'd breathe as deeply as I could and it would go away after a few minutes. About a week ago I started feeling like this more frequently. Now for the past few days I've been feeling like this 24/7. I always feel like I'm not getting enough breath, and now it's accompanied by a constant dull headache. I thought it might be linked to the strss at the start of school, but it's getting worse and worse and I'm feeling really lousy all the time. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?
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replied September 15th, 2010
I just did a google search and found this page... I have been dealing with chronic shortness of breath for aboput 7 years. It always feels like I don't get enough air into my lungs (sometimes I can yawn and feel like I finally get enough air). I became used to the feeling. I have been to 4 different pulmonologists, and cardiologists; had tons of FEV/Spirometry tests as well as 2D cardio Echograms, etc. No diagnosis. It has gotten worse lately with the shortness of breath now accompanied by severe lightheadedness. I thought for sure I was diabetic or something.

Sure enough, my bloodwork shows nada. So now mny PCD thinks its anxiety (which I know its not). The lightheadedness is REALLY STARTING TO FREAK ME OUT!!! I have 12 month old twins, and I feel tired all the time. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this soon. But I feel your pain.

The only way I can explain my shortness of breath is like this: I put my two hands to the top of my lungs and say "I feel like I should be able to get air all the way up here. Then I lower my hands 6 inches and say "But I only get enough air to this point." DSoes that make sense to anyone?

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replied October 4th, 2010
ASD, Short of breath, PFO, aneurysmal atrium,dizzy,no oxygen
I can't believe what I'm reading here. I have been searching for answers and wonder if everything I feel is part of this. Point form-----
-I'm 58 - female
-sold my business 2 1/2 years ago because I was exhausted
-Yawned 24/7 for 3 months while awake. - tears pouring down my face and couldn't stop it
-Got severe TMJ from the yawning
-have been saying for 2 years that I'm not getting enough oxygen
-takes too much energy to eat a meal so I snack
-not able to do anything strenuous - even walk
- rude to say but I sweat terribly
-have a very dry mouth - usually worse on really bad days
- had knee replacement August 2009
-have not recouperated - knee is fine but muscles that control the knee suck (supposedly due to lack of oxygen)
-chest pain, shortness of breath, dizzy, very low blood pressure but high heart rate, sometimes stumble and loose balance to right side.
-changed doctors - had echo which found aneurysmal atrium
-sent to cardiologist - had another echo + bubble test
- HUGE aneurysm in atrium - Huge PFO or ASD not sure yet. on 325 mg. aspirin to prevent stroke
-had Ct - head - MIBI -2wk heart monitor showed flattened T waves?? + arrythimia (atrium)
-waiting to see cardiac surgeon

Now my upper lip and cheek feel numb when I do anything. Pains and ache in my chest - so tired I have had to hire someone to clean. because of my knee and muscles it is so hard to walk. Just want to lay down all the time, but I don't. Have memory loss. Have trouble typing and writing - seems like my fingers type a letter before my brain tells it what letter to type. Same with writing.
Want to know if I'm going to die while waiting???????????????

my daughter had a stroke at 33. had PFO closure 2 years ago. total of 4 strokes plus many "episodes" or TIA's. She is still exhausted and has memory problems
she did not have all the symptoms I do before her 1st stroke - only migraines but not the exhaustion
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replied November 23rd, 2010
my symptons are identical. and the thing that was interesting was how alcohol and caffeine seem to have an adverse affect on the symptoms.

I was diagnosed with MVP as a teenager when this issue was having more serious issues. But it's been so long since then and I've been almost completely sympton free until recently.

Only after a few hours of research did i remember I was diagnosed with MVP over 20 years ago.

if you're experiencing similar symptons i think it would be safe to visit a cardiologist or pulmanary specialist to see if you have any number of congenital heard defects. Some of harmless and a condition you live with. Some should be checked out.
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replied November 8th, 2011
You all need to look into p.o.t.s (postural orthastatic tachycardia syndrome) and. Vasodepressor syncope, otherwise known as neurally mediated hypotension. I went down many of the same roads as you all. Long and exhausting, one miss diagnosis to the next. It took a tilt table test and many other test to finally get an accurate diagnosis. Good luck to you all.

P.s don't let them try to tell you its chronic fatigue syndrome. As these diagnosis do live in the same family, they are different, permanent and require different methods of treatment.
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replied December 27th, 2011
Hi, Im a 14 yr old femal and i havent been to a docter yet but im constantly short of breath i keep having moments where i feel like im about to pass out and my hands keep shaking. Im of average height, weight and i eat normally. Im freaking out and i dont know if i should tell my parents or not. I dont know if i should go to a docter because im afraid that this might all be in my head.This has been going on for about a month now and its getting worse. Please Help.
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replied February 2nd, 2012
Hi, I'm a 20 year old female. I have seen many doctor's as you all have and none of them are any help. They all seem to tell me I have asthma or am having a panic attack. But I seriously doubt I would be having panic attacks 24/7 for 2 years straight and if it was asthma why won't the inhalers work???? So I have kinda given up with the whole doctor thing and am hoping you guys will be more of help and understanding since you know how it feels....... I don't have chest pains like most of you but I get dizzy, cough, headaches ( I'm guessing is from coughing all day) and most annoying can't seem to breathe!!!!!! So if any suggestions please let me know!!!!!!
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replied April 22nd, 2012
lot of tests need to be done
cat scan to view lungs
arterial blood gasses
dna test to see about alergens such as ige eosinophils
allergy scratch test to see about aleergic reactions
coffee tee affecting you nee to see if any extra ectopics are happening especially l.ventricle stress ecg, stress echo if needed.
lung function test ...need to eliminate sleep apnoea.
need a psych eval to rule out stress/psycho psomatic as a cause. weight gain with dispnoea. arterial stenosis causing diminished o2 blood to lungs..most likely none of the above....hope i havent scared yoy too much these forums tend to look at extremes...most likely a trial of cortico steriods and or ventolin with some sort of spirometric follow up
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replied May 21st, 2012
Hello, I'm a 16 year old boy. For the past few days i've been having a headache and feeling nauseous. I've also been short of breathe and feeling like I was going to pass out. At time i wish i'd just pass out so I don't have to deal with this. Can anyone tell me what's happening? This has happened before also but now it's getting worse and worse.
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