hi. i am an 18 year old female and would like to lose some weight before gaining muscles so that i do not look too broad in size. My bf told me that by eating bread alone for meals, i would definitely lose weight. is it true? in fact, i have been eating lots and lots for meals and even snacks/ mid night supper.
i practically gained about 10kg within a 5 mth period. Now that school's gonna reopen for me, i have to desperately lose weight. I do swim about 20-30 laps once a week when i go to the pool. But does swimming really help to lose weight too? it just makes me feel even hungrier each time i finish my swim. Jogging makes us sweat when we do it, but its bad for our knee cap.. what other things can i have for meals- bread/fruits, and what form of sports or execise shld i take up with my partner?

we're both keen to lose weight, although he isnt as keen as i am. lol.
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replied February 15th, 2008
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Yes ... if you cut out bread and rice and pasta, you will notice a definite increase in energy and a potential drop in weight.

Try exercising daily for 30-45 minutes. And eat lots and lots of fruits in the morning with a light protein like fish for mealtimes. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables for health!
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replied June 15th, 2009
I agree with fickle... lots of protein like fish, lean meat, legumes, nuts and eggs and fill up on 'free foods' like vegetables and spices like curry.

Also with the exercise mix it up a bit, with lots of cardio and strength training like pilates or the normal pushups/situps/leg raises/lunges etc
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