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food allergies and protein intolerance

I am an athletic / healthy 27 year old female living overseas with a history of food allergies. Originally, I thought that I had some underlying issues with eating food since my weight is "low" (according to websites), but it seems as though I am picky due to how food makes me feel. So, after some research and consultations, I have concluded that I am w/in the normal range for my body. I am now thinking that I may have problems digesting proteins, thus making me feel sick fairly often. I get severe gas, diarreah, and nausea after I eat certain foods; this is making it hard to eat. Here is the list of foods that that were under suspicion: eggs, dark breads, Tofu, and whey. After I ate dark bread or my protein bar I would get sick, so those are now completely out of my diet. Sad On separate days, I reintroduced eggs and Tofu, both times I got sick. Symptoms arrive as soon as 1 hour after eating these items and can last for up to 5 hrs. Is there a connection in the protein chain of these foods? I have no problems with cheeses or milk and I had no problems when I took those things out of my diet. I don't understand. Confused
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replied January 16th, 2008
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sounds like you might have irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) they have medicines that can help you with that.

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replied August 8th, 2008
RE: food allergies and protein intolerance
Hi - sorry to hear of your troubles. It sounds like you could have a food allergy to eggs, soy and possibly wheat or gluten. Do you have an allergist? S/he can do testing to help you figure it out. Celiac disease can also cause you to be sensitive to multiple foods; you are on the right track to avoid the foods that cause you GI distress, but work with your doctor and/or a nutritionist to help ensure you are getting proper nutrition along the way. Best wishes...
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