my mother in law had a mri done one monday of this week and the findings were,
the l1-2 disc area demonstrates a recurrent small central disc protrusion. there is a minimal degree of left paracentral componet to the disc protusion. This does nto appear to efface the exiting nerve root. there is evidence of a left hemilaminectomy surgical defect. There is a etensive left perinerual scar enhancement. The right exiting nerve root area is normal . the nerural canal volume is normal.

any help out there should she see a back doctor and in your opion will she need surgery again or could theraphy help? Confused Confused
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replied January 16th, 2008
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Hello Lisa and peewee,

Should she see a doctor? Very definitately so. And it should be a neurologist/spinal surgeon. Only they can properly determine and tell you their thoughts on your monther-in-law's condition and what if anything should be done after reviewing the MRI report and the MRI images. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

Take a week to really find the very best spinal doctor that you can find. I am talking of a MD doctor. Then make an appontment with the doctor that is at the top of your list. Follow that with making an appointment to see another spine specialist hear the top of your list. It is always important to get a second opinion.

I wish your mother in law the best. You are a most wonderful daughter-in-law. I'm sure the two of you have a wonderful relationship together.

Take care.

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