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Touched Infected Blood

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Well it all started with my friend getting angry and punching a store window he was actual on the way to kill himself but me being a friend i could let him do that so i stopped him and we had a talk. he told me aids ect and gave me a hug, well then the cops get him for smashing the window, so i walked down to the pay phone call some friends told em the story and when i put the phone down i seen that i had his blood on my hands so i quickly washed it off in the street and checked to see if i had and cuts on my hands with i didn't so walked back to my mates house and stayed they the night. Next day when home went to have a shower and he's blood was on my shirt checked my back for cuts which there were none also but i'm worried about if i would have rubbed my back then had something to eat.
I have diarrhea but have had diarrhea before the incident i have had sweats but it's summer and all ways hot.
thnx for listening to my story
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replied January 16th, 2008
I think you must go for check up!! and tell your doctor what happen!!
ASAP before it's late.
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