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bleeding after pilonidal cyst

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I apologize in advance if this is the wrong area for this topic. If a moderator or administrator knows of a better area please move this.

I was being treated for a pilonidal Cyst. I had healed too quickly and the doctor had to reopen the wound a little bit. He reopened the wound and a gauze pad was put over it to the cover the reopened hole. Later that night I being a stubborn individual proceeded to move air conditioners and play with my dogs. I went outside to walk one of my dogs when I realized that there was a damp spot on my thighs. I checked the area and blood soaked through the gauze pad, my underwear and my jeans. I being a teenager washed the underwear but left the jeans sitting on my bedroom floor. One and a half weeks went by and I went to go wash those blood-soaked jeans. Upon picking up the jeans I saw that their was a hole in the denim the size of my hand. I looked for the missing piece of denim and it was not there. I am curious about the corrosive properties of Blood, and has anyone heard of this happening? I have asked people I know and no one has given me any insight into this. I am very curious to see if this can happen and if it can I wish to know if it is a regular property of blood or if it means something else.

Thank you in advance,
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replied June 29th, 2009
Sounds like your dog started chewing on the blood spot on your jeans. They like to do that.
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