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Epilim Ec 500mg And Tegretol Cr 200mg & Being Moody

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Hello everyone.
Does anyone else snap all the time, out of the blue turn nasty for no reason? I have been finding myself doing this alot latley. I am currently taking 2000mg of epilim a day and 400 mg of tegretol and I have recently had a few bad seizures that have lasted over 20 minutes, and latley I have been noticing that for split seconds I have been lashing out with anger out bursts. Does anyone else do this. Is this a type of seizure or could I have some kind of brain damage now.? I just dont feel like me anymore. And I am getting scared and feeling alone. Since these seizures I have been having I have also had an upper body jerking episode that stops as quick as it began its like a tick I guess. I just feel like I am getting worse then better and the more I tell the doctors the more they up my medication. I am going to see the neurologist next week. I have only been having seizures since october 2003, I am female and I am 21, and I dont see any pattern to my seizures at all. If anyone could help me it would be much appreaciated.
Thankyou sami
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First Helper Jordan654

replied April 25th, 2004
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Yes, sami I to get real moody all the sudden. I don't believe its a seizure I think its a side effect of the meds. If you look up just about all the meds they all have something about mood changes in them.

I have posted before about not knowing if from one minute to next if i'm going to be yelling or crying sometimes.....

The sudden real quick jerk your having, I get those too. Mine are over in less then a couple seconds.
To try to figure out a pattern to your seizures, write them down in a note book.
Thats what I did to help the doc, I tried to time them and give him as much info as I could remember. How I felt before, during, and after. And if any one was with me I had them write it down too. ( what they saw me doing)
a key factor my doc told me was when I started to noticed the auras, like the metal taste I get in my mouth, or when my eyes (usually only one rapidly) blinks.

I know your new at this and it stinks having to deal with it..... But hopefully the doc will figure out why.

Good luck.... I'm here any time......

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replied May 20th, 2004
My son arron whos 7 has temprol lobe epilepsy which causes moody swings and really bad temper,his on carbamazepine,we have only kown about this for a month,his had a had this problem all his life.
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replied June 15th, 2010
I have never had Tegretol, but I am on a steady dose of Epilim, and I have found it is a very effective mood stabiliser, making me lash out less. Talk to your doctor
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replied June 21st, 2010
Epilem side effects
i have recently started epilmen having beenon tegretol retard now i am taking 500g of epilem and 100g of tegretol and this am had a seizure (which are like i do unconcious for hours at a time) but i awoke with a metalic taste in my mouth and very this due to the increase in the epilem and if so will it stop...i feel worse than ever and sometimes wonder if i should just not take anything...i also get scared....
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replied August 26th, 2010
Im currently on tegretol retard 200mg 6 times a day

and i did notice at first that it was alot easier for me to lose my temper then normal. but the things that i have noticed with my self is my memory (short term) i can put things dowen now and not know where they are seconds later also could be in the middle of a conversation and i just forget what i was saying.

i know these sound like everyday tings but i have only noticed it since i started on my meds and other people say its not like me at all.

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replied August 29th, 2010
hi there. iv had epilepsy for over two years now and im 20 years old. i take epilim ec200 and i take 2 in the morning an 3 at night.
i find i have uncontrollable mood swings.
my appetite is pretty much gone.
the only times i can eat without feeling like im gna throw up is when iv had some marijuana.
yes i know there are many people who dont agree with it. but for me its helps. thus why iv been seizure free for awhile now. altho im positive theres been nights asleep where i havnt had any to smoke in a few days and iv had seizures in my sleep. but once again im not overly sure. also i experience dizziness an feel rather drowsy at times aswell.
also when walking i find it hard to keep straight eg im kinda over the show.
is this a result of my medication?
i also have trouble sleeping so im on 25mgs of quetiapine a nyt to help with my sleep and to help with the amount of stress im under.
i havnt had a very good life. wont go into to much detail as people dont want to know. but iv had alot of mental abuse over the years and the things iv seen an been put through havnt helped me.
i kinda feel as if im at a crossroads right now and i just dont know what to do.
i want to get my epilepsy sorted. i want these horrible effects to go away.
does anyone have any recommendations as to what would be a better medication for me? iv talked to doctors but they dont take me seriously and think filln me up with new pills is gonna solve my problems.

hope someone replys Smile
and thanks for reading
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Users who thank Jordan654 for this post: keepmesedated 

replied September 27th, 2010
My daughter is 20. She lives with her 25 year old boyfriend has Epilepsy & is on medication. We went away for a weekend with him for the first time, he was incredibly moody & withdrawn - didn't want to mix with the crowd and dissappeared for hours - worrying all of us. I do not understand the condition, so hence tried to be understanding and not judge. This past weekend she called us in a state to say that he had gone "crazy" lashing out at everything, he smashed up the inside of her car with his fist, and frightened her. She called us to remove her from the situation, which we did. She is staying with us now - as I am scared for her life. Now that things have returned to "normal" he is very apologetic and keeps telling her how much he loves her. I want to understand and know that she genuinely wants to be with him. How do I know how far this will go until he actually hurts her, or does some serious damage. Can he get treatment for this, and is there "anger" councelling out there. I am trying to understand, and just want them to be happy!
I would really appreciate it if someone could shine some light on this for me! THANKS
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replied October 10th, 2010
epilim ec200 drama
jordan 654, i hear ya. been givin epilim ec 200 and advansa to help me quit weed. thort i was moody and suicidal before. well i think it s worse then ever now. always hangin for a smoke. i dont drink or take other drugs. i think having a habit mite be better then hurting myself or others on this medication. only been on it for five days. have cut my smoking to one a night but that seems the best i can do. always confused and i think my ocd is getting cleaning things that i should nt and even picking up leaves that fall from tree every day. goin to dr s this arvo to see if there s anything else. maybe a tranquilizer. not sure but i cant stand myself or others. if it helps you get thru then do it i say.
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replied January 19th, 2011
Actually this is not a reply but something I'll like to know about me and my medication.I'm epileptic and I was given some medication to take. I'm afraid of what this drug might do to me. It's epilim CR 500mg
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replied May 30th, 2012
epilum seroquel and side effects.
I am 40 this year. I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy aged 8. Long time ago! I was put on 500mg of epilum twice a day. I took this medication until i was 17, for 9 years. I had the odd seizure during this time, perhaps ten or 20 a year max. A i had been siezure free for 2 years at 17, the docs decided to take me off the meds altogether. Only now do i realise looking back.... I came from a good stable home and was brought up with morals, however, I turned into a nasty, moody teenager, lashing out at my parents, shoplifting, fighting, etc etc. I skipped my GCSE exams and would bunk off school etc. I am now a law student so it wasnt that i wasnt capable, i just wasnt #able# at the time, i went off the rails. This continued until i had my firs tchild in 1996 aged 23. I calmed down slightly, but post natal kicked in. I had sever mood swings etc. IN 2002 i had a major panic attack and subsequently major depression,. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder/ possible schizophrenia and put onto antipsychotic medication and the trusty old epilum again to be used as a mood stabilizer. It numbed me for the last ten years. I suffer with short term memory loss, i still have mood swings and anxiety. i have never had a seizure since aged 17. without question, now, at an older age, without question in my mind...the epilum triggered off a series of events that caused more damage and side effects than did any good. I would urge anyone to be very careful before taking meds without doing serious research. I also took an overdose on purpose at one point, ...side affect of the meds...something i will never do again as i'm weaning myself off them all. good luck to everyone x
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replied June 15th, 2012
Hi my name is natashia im 27 (turning 2Cool i was born 3 months prem, was diagnosed with seizures at the age of 3yrs, due to me being born so prem, was on epilim drops for 3 -4 years... was weened off the medication, never had another seizure again. Until recently, last year (2011) i was having periodic black outs and did not link it to my childhood seizures. I had a bad saizure at home, was taken to hospital, did a MRI came back clear, did a EEG and showed abnormal Left Temporal Lobe activity, the neurologist put me on Epilim CR500 2 x day (1000mg daily). The drug effected my mood quite rapidly, lashing out for no reason. So i started looking online to see how it effected other people, and got smiliar feedback. I then read that smoking weed helps with epilepsy, i already am a smoker. I have stopped taking my tablets, i didn't just stop them, i weened myself off them, instead of taking it twice a day i took it once a day...then started taking half, then half every few days, then slowly weened myself off them. I have now todate been off my tablets for 3 months, and have had no seizures or any feelings of a seizure coming on, i do however have a weird out of body experience every so often..Bt its not un managable. I am a little nervous about having another seizure as i don't want to cause permanant brain damage. I was hoping to find an alternative medicine to take instead of epeilim as i have had all the side effects it warns against. And as a child growing up i suffered terrible with acne, and was on roacutaine for 8months at the highest doasge possible 80mg... so for me, to have to go through having acne again, emotionaly and mentally i will not be able to cope. And having suffered with balemia, emotionaly im not stable to have the side effects, effect me so. So that was also a main factor why i stopped the tablets. Please if any one can let me know of an alternative tablet to take instead of epilim that wnt effect weight gain, acne and hair loss. Also if any one knows if smoking weed truly does help with having no seizures. Look forward to hearing from any one who has got some good advice.

South Africa
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