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Has Any Read Deja Review By David Jang

is this book any good for a med student? its called deja view by david jang.

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replied January 19th, 2008
great professor
I haven't actually read it, but I took his class and he's a great professor!
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replied January 19th, 2008
david jang deja view
here's a review from amazon though! y-Medicine/dp/0071476253

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent review book for any emergency medicine clerkship, November 3, 2007
By John - See all my reviews
Reviewer: Fourth medical student going into emergency medicine

Overview: Deja Review EM is a question/answer book much like the very popular First aid series or Recall series. It is similar to the First aid series except this particular one has sections of brief, but high yield clinical vignettes that I thought were particular useful and some nice charts.

1. It was packed with very high-yield questions, all bread-n-butter EM topics that attendings I worked with asked me.
2. Charts: It contained very useful charts I used a lot such as a tox antidote chart, toxidrome chart, and NIH stroke scale that was easy to refer to.
3. Clinical Vignettes: Short brief basic scenarios that one would normally see in the ED with brief diagnosis that was also very good to read.
4. Short and to the point: Much as I wanted to read Rosen's or Tin, I had little time to do that type of reading. I really needed a book that had sort of "just the facts" information for quick reference and something I can read in bursts like when I am in the bathroom.
5. Pretty small compare to other review books and would carry it with me on the wards.
6. Very well-organized by systems which I am use to.

1. I think the thing that makes the book so useful on the EM clerkship can be a negative. Since it is just Q/A format, it does not have pathophysio that may be important to know, but if I needed to know that I would just use a major text.
2. I think the organ-based system is great, but I know some books out there use more of a complaint-based approach much in the way you would see a patient is. Some people prefer this method of learning which is totally fine, if that is the case, the system-approach of this book may not be the best for you.

I honestly thought this book was an excellent read that was fast to read and very high-yield. I do really felt it helped me immensely on my EM clerkship as I could quickly look via it after I saw a patient. My clerkship was a good experience and my attendings actually encouraged me to look things up after I saw a patient. I know not all clerkships work this way. I also choice this book since it seems to be really new, I think it came out a week before my rotation. I also used Recall, which I thought was good, but a little too dense. Anyways, I highly recommend this book to anyone doing an EM clerkship.
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