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Im new to the forums, i didnt know where else to go to talk but i thought this forum looked friendly and i could get some good advice..

Im a 21 year old female, and just recently i was involved in a serious car accident, i was the passenger in a head on collision into a pole. Ive broken my neck and i currently have a halo and brace contraption drilled into my head for the next 3/4 months. Fortunately and luckily enough my nerve was in tact.. i will be fine. thats the main thing. Its a hard time for us now, but at the end of the day i will be fine.

My mum however isnt taking it so well.
She is 47 years of age..... with the stress of this accident, and other factors which include her divorced from my father 7 years ago, my teenager brother being a total arsehole, her mother (my grandparents) being total ancient annoying people towards her.. every1 is on her back at the moment and she feels VERY lonely.

I didnt know how bad it was, until my aunt who works with my mum, told me today that my mum cries to her at work nearly every day for the past two weeks....
I know my mum is going through a really rough time, could also be pre menopausal, and i think she is on the outskirts of deep depression...
I dont know what to do.. She is lonely and this whole thing with me and accident isnt helping.

Has any1 been through similar cases? I love my mum heaps and she doesnt deserve any of this!
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replied January 14th, 2008
Especially eHealthy
and she can get help too
through stress mediactiosn such as lexapro maybe?? zoloft? there are many options she has

she has to be strong for you because you need her right now Very Happy she cant do that if shes stressed
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replied March 14th, 2012
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Get her to a doctor. Take her with you when you need to go but make sure the doctor knows it's mainly about her. That always works.
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