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one doctor says headaches and fatigue are cytomegalovirus

doc #1 says i have mono and CMV (cytomegalovirus), and doc #2 says that i had it a long time ago but not currently.

Lab results from 12-24-07:

mono screen - positive

ebv igm - .17
ebv igg - 6.04 (ref. <.89)

cmv igm - .60
cmv igg - 12.09 (ref. <.80)

Lab results from 1-02-08:

mono screen - positive

ebv igm - .16
ebv igg - 4.34

cmv igm - .54
cmv igg - 13.15

I believe since my cmv igg has increased, i am currently infected with CMV at the very least. can a doctor give me a third party opinion on this.

doc #2 said that my fatigue and headaches (and other numerous symptoms) arent due to ebv or cmv. he just says i have general fatigue syndrome?????

would i test positive for the mono screen if i didnt currently have mono? and would my EBV igg still be high at 4.34 long after a EBV infection?

thank you,
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