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Diagnosed Bipolar : Possibly Schizophrenic ?

Please Read I'm new here and it would really mean so much to me ! Embarassed

Ok I am 19 and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Panic Disorder about 4 years ago. I have since been on about 20 different medications most of which have been unsuccessful. I currently take lithium, trileptal, and zoloft.

Not recently but in the past year or so I was hallucinating frequently and seeing people who appeared to be dead. They never talked to me just looked at me and walked around or walked away. I'd see the same one for about a month and then they would leave and I'd see a new person.

I also saw Jesus walking towards me carrying the cross, with blood dripping from his face, peircingly and angrily screaming words at me that I could not understand.

I experience paranoia also. Sometimes (not always - depending on my mood) I am scared to go places by myself or walk to close to somebody for fear of them pulling out a gun or knife on me. I create crazy situations in my head that I believe will actually happen. I become so paranoid about certain things that they consume my concentration at times.

I do have ALL of the symptoms of bipolar disorder but my doctor has told me that hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia, are NOT technically found in bipolar disorder. And since they don't occur so often as to interfere with my EVERYDAY life we have put them aside as flukes.

Do you think I could be bipolar with at times psychosis? Or could I be schizoaffective? Or even just completely schizophrenic with mood swings?

Thank youuuu every opinion and response countssss
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replied January 12th, 2008
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Depression can cause hallucinations. Were you depressed at the time they were happening?
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replied April 24th, 2011
my uncle is schizoprenic and i dont think u have it because you would think ur diff peplewhich u dont as i understand? i think if ur seeing things this wud be psychosis...i hope u understand your illness and try to get better. love mel x
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replied May 10th, 2011
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I don't really know, sounds like schizophrenia.

I just wanted to mention those hallucinations that your talking about would extremely freak me out.

It could actually be the same cause, only different responses. All of these mental illnesses.
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