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left arm pain and tightness in chest with weakness (Page 2)

August 22nd, 2008
I had the same symptoms in my twenties when I had a high profile job and had the left arm pain with chest tightness. Doctors can pick up on heart attacks very easily and if you have been to a Doc and the say you are ok, you are ok. Whenever I felt one of these attacks coming I would take my pulse and watch it go lower as I calmed down and also kept telling myself that I wasn't going to die. I would alsways find somehting to take my mind of the attack, like playing guitar or doing something that took some concentration and next thing I knew I was over my attack. Also these forums are great, but the interenet is not your friend when you start over analyzing, you will always find someone that said they had the same symptoms and had a heart attack, generally over 60yrs of age.

Good luck to everyone and find a mind thinking hobby when you feel this coming on.
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replied August 22nd, 2008
SOS here for the most part, 26 m
well im glad i strolled across this. just a lil about my symthoms, started bout 3 month ago. I was a binge drinker, started drinking hard liquor towards the end and smoking cigars, and over eating and drinking bunch of sodas. I was under stress mainly related to work some personal, and had my wisdom teeth irratating pretty bad, had them removed thinking it could be related. One day was at a bday party and almost fell over, could barley get a breath and dizzy as hell.
had same symthoms from the age of 14-to bout 21. on and off not constant. i was fine for bout 5 years no issues. as a kid and teen and young adult would go to the doc. and was told it was asthma and told it was in possible to get frequent chest cold as i did, or thought was one. then was given meds for acid reflux.
Nothing ive ever takin has ever really seemed to help including asthma meds which at one point was on over 10 diff meds. on day threw them all out and told myself id deal w/ what happends. acctually got better over about a couple months.
well 5 years later hits again this time hard and long. coulnt breath fior the longest time then one nite acid released like crazy, been dizzy a lot prob from all the meds, was put on just bout every PPI out there. Been to the ER 3 times before this never been in my life, have had 3 EKG's so ive ruled a heart issue out.Have had an Endoscopy it was neg. going in for a Bravo mon. its a camera they place inside while doing an Endoscopy, suppose to record on and off for 48 hours. I almost constantly have tighness in my chest followed by reall short of breath, ten times worse after i eat, I have loss 40 pounds good and bad , bad cause its hard to eat and lost it in a very short time.I have been eating salads and baked pottatos, high in Akiline . started to feel a lil bit better for bout 2 weeks but this week bad again. got stresses again last week, this week started to take more meds which i hate to many side effects. Just wondering if it is partly stress and anxiety related, seem to be always dwelling on it. You guys arent alone and be carefull what you read, youll start to think you have everything, but somethings like this forum seems helful. Good luck yall, hang in there, dont give up. if i find anymore out will def. pass it on

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replied September 5th, 2008
I have found my friends
First of all, I can relate to all of you as I have been living with anxiety for maybe 7-8 years now and lately these problems are worst. I used to smoke which used to cause me lot of heartburn but I am trying to stop and I am taking chantex for that hoping to quit for good. But I have fear in it is sort of in mid chest and it seems like extreme heartburn. Do you guys know if I should be worried? I have done andoscopy once and everything was OK then like 3 years ago and all simple blood tests come out normal all the time.

But I am sick and tired of living in fear. My fear is of some type of cancer. This fear in turn casues heartburn and lately mid chest pain, pain in hands, dizziness, light headeadness, I feel weakness too.

I am glad to meet more people like myself. I dont think doctors know squat and if they do they dont care, they are only after money.
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replied September 8th, 2008
Hello everybody. I am a 21 year old male who does not smoke, nor do drugs, or drink. I have always been physically active. In the last 3 months i have not at all felt myself. It started off with trouble swallowing. Soon after i had a "panic attack" at night never experienced before. I felt tired for almost 2 weeks straight after that night and it felt as though i was loosing use of my left arm at times. I finally started to feel almost normal again when all of a sudden i felt my left arm lose feeling again and I guess another "panic attack" which I could describe as an emotional rollercoaster where my neck felt as though it was burning and I was figiting, shaking terribly and almost so upset I though i was going to cry.this continued to happen the following 3 nights in a row. At one point it felt like i had heartburn almost like cold burning and i felt delliriouse like i was loosing it. All I could and can concentrate on is if something was terribly wrong with me. I now since have not had a horrible attack in nearly 4 weeks, but i carry heavy anxiety it seems with sore neck and tightness on the head burning pain sometimes behind the eyes, very tired and fatigued with weakness. I also seem to wake up a fair bit during the night sometimes my arms will be numb and my heart will beat very heavy but at a regular rate. I continue throughout each day have trouble swallowing from time to time and it makes me very anxious. To tell you the truth i am scared shitless of all this, my doctor says its just panic but these sypmtoms are those of serious known illnesses. Anyways thanks for reading, if anyone has any insight or things to add or suggestions please do.
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replied September 24th, 2008
quick & short tight chest pains & shoulder
Hey all!! I read everyones posts and I must say I do feel better about my condition. Most I read have been experiencing this for years. Mine has been only been for a few days, but before I get to that let me tell you all this. I did have a period of horrible panic attacks from Jan 2005 to April 2005. Every night I couldnt sleep & would wake up around 3:00 am in which I could only describe best as TERROR ATTACKS. I had shortness of breath, sweating, racing of heart, and felt scared like a victim in a horror movie. No medication could help me. It was like I felt my world was closing in on me. I read "From Panic to Power" by Lucinda Bassett and in 3 days and everyday since then, I have not had one attack.I am not a reader at all, but my mother got it for me and I fiqured I cant sleep anyway, so I might as well kill time. I refer to it from time to time just to keep my sanity. But now I need some advice. I hope this helps someone. As far as now in my life, I have pains in chest that come on very strong for like 2 seconds and just disappear. sometimes twice a minute, twice an hour, or every few minutes. I don't feel dizzy, short of breath, jaw or neck pain. I don't wanna call 911 because most symptons say it lasts 2 minutes not 2 seconds. I'm thinking that they're just going to get worse and worse. I will make an appointment with a cardiologist but Im starting to get really nervous now!! Anyone have any advice???.............chaz
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replied December 3rd, 2008
Panic attacts
My question is are you haveing panic attacts all the time? Because when I have or get one I know it is one and have learned to controll them to some degree. Have felt all the simptomes but do not continue with my situation till I make it go away. Then I continiue with my situation. If I try to continue like it is not there I have a hard time and ended up in the back of a meat wagon. There is a way to deal and overcome the devestating effect on the spot. But maybe you have codichned yourself to deal with this situation while under a panic attack situation.
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replied December 19th, 2008
Chest Pain
Hi everyone

I am 49, I have had these same symptons for over 20 years now.
I have had numerous ecg's, treadmill tests, x-rays, blood test you name it.
I get pains in my left arm, chest neck, jaw & back and am always fearful it is a heart condition.
Just reading through these posts helps me realise that i am not alone and helps me relax a little.
People who dont get this type of stress dont really understand how it makes you feel. I never wanna do to much as these pains always get in the way and make me panic even more. I wont take meds though, tried it once and felt terrible.
Thanks for listening.
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replied December 21st, 2008
I'm in Shock
Hello All,

I'm 30 year old male that is experiencing everything you guys are describing. I have been getting Vertigo (dizziness), twitches, numbness in arms, heart racing, constricted breathing. I first experienced a panic attack 4 yrs ago inside a night club after a night of drinking when I thought that I was certainly going to pass out. I attributed that panic attack to the drinking and wrote that off. Then I started noticing them pop up at work, the gym, while driving, then before you knew it, I was having them all the time. From what I have read, we are making these body's reactions occur due to the "Flight or Fight" situation we are putting our bodies in. For example, when all of us started feeling our hearts beating faster in conjunction with the numbness in arms, we all know those are symptoms of heart attacks. So as a result, we are telling our bodies "prepare for the worst case scenario", by doing this our body is at the highest level of security guarding us against the worst. This not only causes the body's reaction to spiral out of control, into more symptoms, it now has us constantly thinking when the next panic attack will happen. We then become at the mercy of these darn things. From the numerous searches and studies I have found, the one thing that helps me out is to accept what is going on and to "Ask the body for more". When you start feeling these symptoms, demand the body to show you more, this removes the fear of them and it kills the panic attack from the onset. Sure, you will still feel the adrenaline flowing through, but your body will recognize that by you asking for more, you are trusting that it is simply a panic attack and nothing more. I am still hungry to learn more about your experiences so please keep posting stories and if you are reading this, please post your story. God bless you all.

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replied December 22nd, 2008
I am 43 I have pain in left chest and left hand. Sometimes in my elbow. I have been to doctors had ekg. Chest exray. Upper gi and lower stuff. Had a fisical. They said I was in great health. So way does my cheast hert. Doc is nuts.

replied December 24th, 2008
same thing happened to me
hello, first off im a 21 year old male. I smoke at most half a pack a day, and weed about 3-4 times a week, but i dont drink that often. last night i was at my friend's house, we smoked a little weed and everything was going ok. but then out of no where my left arm tightened up, and the vein started popping out. i got dizzy, lightheaded, tingly, and felt very weak. i stepped outside to get some fresh air, and my vision started to get blury, and it was also getting hard to think if that makes any sense. anyway this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me, ive never even felt remotely like this before. im glad to read on here that its most likely anxiety attacks. im going to try exercising more often and try to cut back on smoking cigarettes.
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replied December 30th, 2008
I may have an answer!
Hello everyone,

I am 29 years old married female, no kids. I used to get stressed very easily and out of nothing!

about 10 months ago, i started to get these attacks as described; left jaw pain, chest pain, upper-middle back pain, short breaths, left arm pain and tightness (that sometimes I feel like my vessels are going to explode). at first i used to have these attacks like once or twice a month, gradually until i used to have them 3-4 times a day, everyday!

these symptoms used REALLY to panic me, even making the pain much worse each time - have been to all kind of doctors in all different hospitals - did ECG, blood tests...etc
all were ok, except that i had a slightly high cholesterol and high blood pressure and lack of Potassium.

However, these attacks, as i mentioned got just worse and worse (out of nothing) no stress, just comes at rest or while watching TV, sleeping...etc

finally i had been to a vascular physician/surgeon, who did for me a "Coronary Angiography"
and came out that i have been diagnosed with what so called "Coronary artery spasm" ticle/000159.htm

it pretty much describes what i do feel (don't know abut you), he described for me aspirin, Delzim (which is Calcium channel blockers), garlic oil pills and drink lots of orange juice and eat lost of bananas (which are full of potassium).

have to admit, i am on these medications for 10 days now, and feeling little bit better - at least the attacks are a bit far from each other. will go and see the doctor again in 4 days to check up and follow up for any updates.

will you keep updated, hope i may found something for all of us!
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replied January 4th, 2009
Pain in your chest and Left arm
I am a 28 year young women. I have had these pains for about 7 years now. I have been to the ER more times than all of us on here have fingers and toes there's never anything wrong. I have had about every test from a cardiologist. Except a cath test. And on my stress test my heart rate got up to 185 and I am still alive. I was put on Paxil this help for about a year, then it started making symptoms worse. And still yet to today I have these pains and during the pains...chest pain that goes to back and left arm, sometimes my jaws will feel a burning pain and feel like there tired, same with my arms when i get the pain in my arm my arms feel tired. I also get a pin feeling pain in my head, as well as lightheadness, and my forehead seems to be numb. Not all symptoms happen at ones but sometimes they do. When it happens I am sure I am dieing. I had once or twice felt the need to wake my whole family up so I could tell them I loved them, Because I knew i was not going to make it threw the night. Well after 7 years I am still here, and the way I look at it now is if I sit and worry how am I going to ever enjoy everything or everyone while I am here, SO I do my best to move forward and try not to worry about it, I have had all test that show there's nothing wrong with me.. Well atleast nothing that is going to kill me right now anyway. But from all the research I have done I think we all need to find out medium and if it means to get on meds till we can get in a happier situations then so be it.. Stress can truly kill you. There are things that can come up if you leave your stress uncontrolled for a LONG time, including heart problems. I am not trying to scare anyone but try to find you happy meaning.. Ways to help me control my attacks. When I have one I call someone and just start a conversation. My husband is great at that. Something about his voice can help calm me down majorly. But he is in the Military and on occasion he's unreachable. So my mom or sister will do. I try to start an activity with my kids, seeing them and knowing they depend on me help as well. And if there in bed.. Then I grab a cold drink.. Caffeine free Coke is my choice. take a couple advils I take 4 what ever you choice. And run a bath so hot I can barely stand to sit down and just soak, this usually helps with the pain and that slows me to come down form an attack. As well as after the bath If I am not ok still. I will cuddle up under the covers and get in a comfortable position to help relieve the pain.. And put in a movie that will make me laugh and just concentrate on that movie or I find most the time's (me being a women lol ) A movie that will make me cry will work better. Something about crying and getting that stress out seems to work wonders for me. Having a visitor help to call and ask someone over for a snack or movie that help. Walking helps me too. These are just what I have found that helps me bring myself out of the fit my body goes in...Doctors also tell me that smoking, caffeine, chocolate, over eating all can trigger an attack. But me Smoking helps me I grab a cigg and it help relax me but that's me. I hope all of you can find something that helps you out. I am trying a new thing right now and it seems to help.. Counseling I don't go in and just tell her everything that happened to me in my whole life but just about my attacks and she reassures me I am not alone and I am fine. And she tells me that exercise is the number one stress reliever. Well hope I have not bored you to much. Try some of the things I have mentioned and see where it takes you.
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replied January 24th, 2009
its an eyeopener
Hi all

this had certainly been an eyeopener for me, i was thinking i must be the only one and going mad, well if i am going mad at least i'm not alone.
Im a 40 year old male from the UK, i certainly dont feel like forty thou now that was scary hitting that number, ive had this problem for about 14 years, 14years which i have lost out on because of this, i get all the symptoms that have been mentioned here and have had every test under the sun possible and its allways the same result, theres nothing wrong and your actually fitter that most half your age, all that said it dosent stop me thinking and doing the "what ifs". The what ifs is what i call my groundhog day, meaning when you get a pain or a sensation its like having it for the very first time and all them dreads, fears come back to you, i did say ive lost the last 14years! to be honest that isnt true, there has been some good come out of it, i found a new interest, it was pruley by accident and its the best thing i ever done and has helped me more than i relise, about 8years ago it was coming up to my mums birthday so i booked a surprise horse riding lesson for her and myself, it was just one of those spare of the moment things, id allways said i'd love to ride a horse but never actually gone that extra step and actually done it until then, at that time i had tried every pill and potion in the book but nothing had worked, cut a long story short we had the lesson and afterwards i felt tired and aching all over but you know what i felt so relaxed and for a while all my troubles, fears just dissappered, i enjoyed it so much i carried on having lessons and for the past four years ive owned my own horse, dont get me wrong it hasnt cured my problem but it did help me focus on something eles which just writing this today is making me relise that fact, its funny the answer can be staring you in the face but you just dont see it, see it yet that is, i'm not saying everyone go out and ride a horse but what i am saying is go out and do something different today, we have all done the "I'd love to do that oneday" but never actually gone that extra mile and done it, well theres no time like the present is there, we all have that fear theres something wrong and we are going to die and we waste so much time worrying about it, im guilty of that fact myself, what im trying to say is get off your backsides and that includes me and get out and do something different in your life, trust me you will surprise yourself, ive had a taste its possible and thats another fact ive relised today, this is going to sound daft but the next time you sitting there and getting pains in your chest and tingaling in the arm and the other multitude of other symtoms try doing this, open a door, put your hand in the doorway then slam it shut, think about it for a second! do you really think you will still be worrying about the pains and sensations, of course not you have just crushed your hand in a door, dont try that but you do get my point, the mind is a very powerfull tool and all the people on here have very powerfull minds, just by what you have all said proves that fact so theres no reason why we all cant change whats going on in are lives is there, anyway hope that sort of makes some sense, its about time i took my own advice, not the bit about crushing my hand in a doorway thou, hey thought that was funny
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replied January 30th, 2009
just started for me
Well shooting pains just started in my left arm yesterday. under my arm pit and then down my arm, sometimes sitting in my bicep area, feels like someone is draining blood from my arm or something like that.. also get some pain on my right hand.. but mostly just my left arm...

I had a full body test about 4 years ago, and the
nurse said and I quote
" Are you ok"??
I replied.. Ummmm yeah! why do you ask me that?
she replied" ohh becuase your heart beat is not normal its beats slowly...

so what ever that means...
now.. what can be causing this sudden pain in my arm, its never happened before..

I am planning a life changing move in my life!
so its a HUGE decision to make, and I am not sure about it, so I think I am under a lot of stress,
I am scared, I am nervous, and I am worried..
but I dont show it.. I guess thats the way my body deals with my fears, its not like I am stressing out about it that much, drinking, or sitting in a corner saying OH NO! what am I doing NO NO NO!! JESUS!!
Im just questioning myself often.. and trying to figure out if taking this new position abroad is the right move for my family... not to mention my wife is giving me stress...
I generally never suffer from stress, always been a guy who just didnt stress out ,

so what you guys think!!
this is just anxiety and stress related?
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replied February 20th, 2009
natural ways to relieve panic attacks
i have had panic attacks for the last five years. i tried zoloft and that made me feel like a zombie. i looked into natural ways to relieve these attacks and the best thing i have used is this supplement called 5 htp. i took it once a day for a week and notice improvement!!! i quit smoking and worked out 4 days a week as well. i never had a attack and i could breathe, and that tingling in my left arm went away. when i don't take it for days the feeling come back so my best advice is to keep on it if this works for you. also my friend takes a supplement called minchucks sp?. He says this works when a panic attack starts up. Doctors are trained to supply all these medications that have many side effects and that are habit forming. Speak to a nutritionist or someone who works in a health food store and they can point you in the right way if you want to try something natural. my mom and friends all say they can notice such a difference in me and my behavior. So again the supplement is 5htp. give it a chance and i hope it works for you. best of luck!
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replied February 25th, 2009
so good to have company!
I'm a 29 year old female and am SO happy to have found this forum. I know that it's a terrible "habit" to look up your symptoms online, especially if you're prone to anxiety like we clearly are, but also finding a "community" can be incredibly therapeutic, again, especially if you're prone to anxiety.

About 5 years ago I had my first panic attack(s). I thought I was dying, I had the shakes, drymouth, heart racing, etc. For about 5 or 6 months after that I was incredibly depressed. I was scared to leave my house because I didn't want to panic away from my safespace. I had a doctor that put me on Lexipro, which I took one pill of and it felt like I'd drank 2 gallons of espresso, so I immediately quit that, and really was not interested in being on a long term drug anyway. He had also given me clonazepan, which is I think kinda like valium. It definitely worked for the actual panic attack, but I knew that was a habit-former, so I knew I wouldn't take it every day. In fact because of my anxiety about that I cut it into quarters and only take it if I'm feeling incredibly anxious (maybe once/twice every 6 months). This part of the story was just to give you my background. I have not had a panic attack like that in a really long time....

What has transpired in the past 5 months has been what everyone on this forum is seemingly relating on. It started out as these kind of tingling feelings on my head, around my temples, sometimes on the back of my head. These were accompanied by a kind of light-headedness, kind of just an inability to concentrate. Not painful, but just really annoying.

I then started getting the strange left arm thing. Sometimes it's on my bicep, sometimes my tricep, sometimes my forearm, there is really no rhyme or reason to where it goes. At times it's been kind of a burning sensation like there is something in my vein that shouldn't be there, and at times it's the tightness, like a tight armband trying to cut off circulation. Strangely I never lose feeling or anything, and when I look at both of my arms they look identical (no overly buldged veins or paleness as the sensation would suggest).

To make matters worse I simultaneously started getting kind of a tight sensation on the left side of my face. Internally if I smile or something it feels like the muscles are moving slower when they come down, but again, when I look in the mirror everything looks totally normal. I also feel that tightness in the left side of neck there sometimes.

These things have been driving me INSANE for the past 5 months. They come and go, sometimes it's the head and arm, sometimes the face and arm, sometimes just one. I've started marking on a calendar which symptoms happen when to see if I can see a pattern. Throughout this time though, I've practically convinced myself that I have everything in the book: MS, stroke, heart problems. I've been to more doctors appts in the past 5 months than at any other time in my life. The internal medicine doc did bloodwork, routine and for thyroid which was all fine, and sent me to an ENT (ear, nose and throat). He took a cat scan of my sinus and couldn't find anything there that matched my symptoms. I've been to 2 neurologists, got a brain MRI and everything looked fine. I then went to a chiropractor who said he thinks I have something called "Thoracic Outlet Syndrome", which apparently isn't too terribly diagnosed in western medicine. You may consider checking it out though because it matches my symptoms almost identically. He's been working on me for about 4 weeks now, twice a week. He works with an acupuncturist and a massage therapist, so I get the three-fer when I'm there. I can't say I'm cured, but for me it's been nice to have a doctor actually give me something to hold onto, and to have a doctor to check in with routinely lowers my anxiety a bit. Stuff did get better last week, but I can feel it coming back on this week.

I still don't feel confident that I know what this is...maybe it is thoracic outlet syndrome, or maybe it's anxiety. It could really be both. And many times I go back to my freak outs of thinking it's neither and it's something terrible. Whatever it is though I know it doesn't help when I think too much about it. I know that that causes a cycle of over-analyzing and creating scenarios in my head that are pretty far-fetched, which in turn probably makes the symptoms worse.

While I can't imagine living like this for the rest of my life, I have no other option but to adapt to it right now. We can't live our lives freaking out all the time about every small (or large) twitch in our bodies, no matter how unnatural or uncomfortable they are. Anxiety preys on our fears, and when our fears are about our anxiety it's really just feeding itself and is detrimental to our health. I really like what some of you have written about ways to cope with this� we don't have a choice! While I know I don't always do this, I know that I need to feed myself on positive thoughts and activities. If I let this take over my life I will "miss out" on life.

Push through guys!
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replied March 20th, 2009
same here
same symptoms, tingling and occassional numbness in left arm for last week or so. in addition, i have a tight chest, difficulty breathing, and as a result...can't eat hardly because i'm afraid i'm going to choke, hard to swallow. my symptoms are worse during the week and i feel them coming on when i'm on my way into work. i tohught i had COPD, am going to doctor soon for that...but it could just be anxiety/panic. i used to be on meds for it, over 5 years ago, and felt much more centered then.
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replied April 1st, 2009
not alone
My story starts 9yrs ago when my oldest step-sister died with motor-neuron disease and found it tough dealing with that but then 3yrs ago my other step sister died with Pix's disease and then this yr my last step-sister died with motor-neuron disease. This yr the chest pains / panic attack started to get worse and I've been to the hospital and had an ECG, chest x-ray and blood tests all showing my heart is good and that if there was even the slightest prob they wud have kept me in but the pains and panic attacks continued and i spent 500 pounds on a health check that showed again that apart from smoking my body is in good condition but need to stop smoking, excersise and eat healthy. But the past couple of weeks the panic attacks have been getting worse where I've convinced myself that during them i'm going to die from a heart attack or some other terminal illness. Its been going on so much i've started to cut myself off from ppl or going out in fear that i might panic or die out of my comfort zone. Last sunday was the worse day as it was a constant circle of panic attack/thought of dieing and it left me emotionally/physically tired. So to read that other ppl are going thru the same kinda thing shows that i'm not alone and im not the only 1 who goes to their doctor so many times. I've finally had enough of this as i've socially isolated myself from ppl and constantly live in fear that i'm working on a 2 step plan to deal with both the physical side(stop smoking/excersise) and the mental side (grief/depression) and i know its gonna b a long road but the anxiety/panic attacks are ruining my life. the first thing ive learned so far is not to be scared of panic attacks as they are the bodies natural defence to danger (flight or fight) but its my irrational thoughts associated with it that is the problem. So i hope those who have replied b4 and after like me find a way thru this and realise we're are not alone in this struggle.
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replied April 5th, 2009
Surpised to see not alone
I am waking up after a terible night as well. Yesterday I noticed tension in my left chest but no numbness or bad feeling in left arm instead pain in my right arm behind my bicep. I thought of this as only stress because recently my wife was forced to leave her job and now I have 3 kids, dog and wife to support. I can only assume that this is stress, though I have had this before in occurances of 4 times a year I believe at best. This morning a woke up with my heart racing and slight weakness in both left and right arms, with no shortness of breath. I must say I am slightly scared but I truely believe it is stress. I am sorry to say that I fear hospitals and fear that if I go I will be out of work which I cannot afford. For now I guess if my symptoms haven't changed in a day or 2 then I will see a doctor. From what I have read so far on this forumm this might last a few days. Any advice? Thank you
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replied April 20th, 2009
So glad I found you guys!
I'm 26 years old, don't drink, don't smoke, don't do any types of drugs, and exercise at minimum 1-2 times a week, and have been prone to these symptoms as well!

Most recently I started feeling tightness in the chest and some discomfort in my left arm. I tried to look up the symptoms and I found this forum. Now looking back in retrospect, I have probably been suffering from anxiety for years.

Years ago I felt that I "couldn't breathe deep enough", and I had all kinds of tests done, with absolutely no answers. The light headed feeling, and head tension is most frequent.

I have found breathing from the diaphragm (stomach goes up and down) to help with keeping things under control. Every time a new symptom shows up, I think the worst.

I guess now that I'm aware of what's going on, it should be easier to deal with.

Thanks for posting guys!
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