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i've been reading the posts lately but just not logging in. Glad to see you so often, lady brannon. You must be at least semi settled in your new home. Smile well, here's my issue. I know that my rhuemy asks me at every visit if I have dry eyes or mouth and that's because there's some syndrome associated w/ that, common to lupus patients. I've always been able to say "no" about that. But recently I have had dry eyes and mouth. I actually tore my cornea taking out a contact lens because my eyes were so dry. (i've worn contacts for 25 yrs. And never had any problems at all.) also, I can't get through teaching a class without a big bottle of water, and i'm not a lecturer. Another weird thing is that i'm cold a lot of the time. Here in fl everyone has the air running this time of year. I'm giving my family such a hard time about closing up the house & putting the air on. Today when I got home, the thermostat registered 84 in the house, but I knew if I put on the air, i'd freeze. Also i've been waking my husband up at night because i'm shivering violently in my sleep. Oh, one other thing, the inside of my mouth is doing that peeling thing & my skin involvement is pretty unsightly right now. Can anyone clue me in on what's going on with my body?
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replied April 25th, 2004
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Sometimes things like that can be weather changes...

Have you changed your meds recently?

Or there is another autoimmune issue that is "commonly" found in lupus patients called sjogren's syndrome.

All of the above (and i'm sure there are many more things!) can cause those kinds of symptoms!

Yeah, i'm getting settled in and caught up here. Ready to get to work on this site? Smile

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