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recovery after running

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A few months ago I was running regularly, but found that I was really tired all the time. I put this down to needing a holiday, following which I felt much better. I put this down to having had a good rest from work and associated stress, however this week I have been for a short run (under 3km) for the first time since I had my holidays in November, and have felt the same fatigue as I had noted previously. Before I was running up to 10km in one bout, but by the end I had decreased that to somewhere between 3 and 5km 1-2 times per week, which was not ideal preparation for the 10km run and triathlon that I was to compete in at the end of November, early December.

Since this time I have regularly been swimming 1-1.5km 3 times per week, so have kept up my fitness generally and have not experienced any post exercise fatigue until now when I have been for a run again. I feel fine aerobically when I'm running , but it does take at least 2km to get my legs to feel comfortable during the run. I ran on Tuesday and it is now Friday and I have barely been able to drag myself out of bed in the mornings.

I am eating a normal diet, and have eaten a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables since my run, and have eaten red meat also at least three times since. I try to remain healthy most of the time with my eating, and have been drinking a lot of water. I eat regularly, three meals, and my current work doesn't allow for more frequent meals during the day, and I snack only when I am hungry.

I plan on competing in a number of triathlon events over the coming months, and want to be able to train more regularly without the overwhelming fatigue in between sessions, as this also takes an effect on my work productivity and my mood.

Can you help me in suggesting what may be the issue here and what sort of health professional it may be best to seek further advice from.

Thank you! Bec.
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replied January 11th, 2008
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I Am a Spartan-ii
First off, u mentioned u were planning to compete in several marathons in the coming weeks. That's not healthy. Running is healthy but running that many marathons is not, it will deteriorate ur body since u are working so hard and destroy ur joints. I have three teachers I know well that are marathon runners and they tell me that u should limit the # of marathons u run if you're an adult and that ppl not in high school shouldn't even attempt such a thing.
Second off, swimming, running, triathlons, and marathons seems like a lot to swallow. I don't know how much athletic history u have, but u might be getting tired just cuz ur training way too hard.
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