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Septic Hip & High Sed Rate

In the last month my son (5 year 9 months) started complaining pain in his knee with no swelling & no fever. We called the doctor but he said if there is no swelling and fever there is no problem, give him Morten. On next day night he got the fever & next morning we went to see the doctor.
Doctor told us, he dont have pain in his knee, he has it in hip. & told us to rush to the ER.
In the ER, after doing x-ray, MRI, ultrasound & blood test, doctor told us he has fluid in hip & may be infectious. Immediate they drew the fluid and after lab work it came out +ve. So surgeon operated his hip.
After that he was in the hospital with antibiotic (vancomycin) for 3 weeks.
When we went first time, the SED RATE was 85 & after 3 weeks it came down to 26.
So infectious disease doctor told us to go home & told us to monitor the ESR.
But for last 10 days SED RATE is still 26. My son is doing good & he is not complaining any pain anywhere.
Doctor told me if SED RATE does not go down in the next week, he will ask us to admit to the hospital & he will start the same antibiotic treatment.
Can anyone suggest me what may be happening?

Thanks in advance,
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replied February 18th, 2008
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How is your son now? Have you found the cause of the problem?
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