im 20 years old i live in the uk. For the last 3 months i have suffered from a few things. I have had chest pains also pains in my abdomen i have had shortness of breathing pains when i eat also an increase in gas in my stomach and finding my self sleeping 12 - 14 hour nights some nights and other nights not sleeping at all due pains in my chest and shortness of breathe, I have seen my GP and A + E doctors several times and everytime i have been told that its nothing just indegestion now this is not idegestion i dont know what it is but it aint that.

now please if anyone has any suggestions as to what it might be then please let me know coz im out of ideas thancks for reading this

Adrian Gomez
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replied February 22nd, 2008
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Do you have pain and discomfort in your upper abdomen?
Are you experiencing coughing and wheezing?
Do you get burning sensations in your throat?
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