I have always had symptoms of mild hypoglycemia between meals (sweating, fast pulse, irritabiliy, anxiety) and after years of a bad sleep disorder and constant stress it has gotten to the point where I need to eat every three hours to feel somewhat comfortable and avoid passing out. I also noticed that I now become very agitated minutes after sugar laden foods even if the content is reasonable and can get the same symptoms from certain high carbohydrate meals. My results were not as bad as I thought and I am clueless. Can I even be diagnosed from these values?

3 Hr. GTT:

Fasting: 95
1/2 hr. : 145
1 hr. : 147
2 hr. : 114
3 hr. : 81

3 hr. 45 mins : 102 *done on glucometer at home after test* I am assuming this was some sort of error but who knows.

I felt fuzzy headed at the 1st hr , woozy at the 2nd hr, and on the verge passing out by the 3rd hour.

I will say that I had taken the medication ativan to try get some sleep around 6 hours before the test, and for the 6 days prior to the test I had been taking Remeron primary to help with the insomnia. I have no clue if these medications affected the test in any way however I did notice I did not get any of the adrenergic symptoms I would normally get, which may or may not be attributed to the Ativan.

I Apologize for being long winded, I am just trying to figure out what has been going on and I hope this test wasn't a waste. Take care and best of luck to all of you.
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replied January 10th, 2008
HI -- I feel for you as I have been there with all of the symptoms you mentioned. I was on BOTH of those medications as well and let me say you need to get off the Remeron. Do some research on this medication. It can lead to Diabetes and tons of weight gain. When I was on it my carbohydrate cravings were so high I was eating more sugar than I ever have, which is probably what contributed to my hypoglycemia now....I did sleep like a rock on this (like 13 hours per night without moving) but you know what...I never felt that rested. Those medications will mess you up.

I would say look at Stan's diet. I think it's version 6. You have to give your body a substantial amount of time to be balanced again so the sleep may take a while. I generally have no problems with sleeping now but every once in a while when I get off the diet, I notice I will wake up around 3am with night sweats and anxiety/nightmares...usually due to a blood sugar drop.

Be sure you are completely off caffeine (and again, give your body time to adjust). For sleep, I really like to take magnesium taurate before bed. The brand is Cardiovascular Research Ltd. For those of us with insulin issues, magnesium supplementation is a good thing.

Don't pay too much attention to the numbers. You know and can feel how your body responds to sugars and some of us just can't tolerate it. Just do yourself a favor and be very strict with the diet.
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replied January 14th, 2008
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No, my diet is at the top of the first page of this forum, check for it, DON'T go by the version one you see, it's worthless. Hmmm, by numbers those are actually not too bad, though you do drop below fasting level. Too bad they didn't do it longer, really need to know what happens after that 81. The glucometer did not error, it went back up to where it should have, it's really hard to do it wrong because it will just say ERROR instead of reading wrong. You do drop below fasting, but the medicines you are taking could be having an effect, especially that Ativan.
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replied April 18th, 2008
GTT results

Our GTT test results are almost identical in the beginning! The only thing is that you had the 3 hour test and I had the 5 hour - and your #s seemed to drop faster than mine. My results were:
Fasting: 94
1/2 Hour: 145
1 hr: 175
2 hr: 147
3 hr: 107
4 hr: 66
5 hr: 76

I also had the same symtoms that you did. I was freezing and shaking at the 1/2 hour mark and all throughout the test. I got hungry and started feeling irritable at about 3 hours, and then at 3 1/2 hours I started getting really tired. At 4 hours and 10 minutes, I passed out. The doctor still seems to think that I don't have hypoglycemia because he says my numbers don't match up with hypoglycemia - he thinks I have glucose intolerance. I am seeking a 2nd opinion this month just to stay on top of things and get this figured out!!
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replied April 19th, 2008
Due to the sham of a GTT test at the doctor's i decided to use a glucometer at home instead (glucose readings only at fasting and 2 hours later, nothing in between). I understand the glucometer is not the best to try this, but here they are anyways:

Prior to Lunch: 115
(i guess around here is the typical going up to 150)
2.15 h: 101
2.30 h: 95.4 (then here it drops to the lowest point)
2.45 h: 121 (and up again)
3.00 h: 108 (then stabilizes)

The highest i ever got before the drop is usually 7.8ish (140)

It always seem to fluctuate around those numbers and the same pattern, although it never drops low (below 4.0) even during the morning. But, I still feel the anxiety and nervousness as well as inability to think at the same time. Very confusing results. I don't really know what to make of it. Maybe idiopathic postprandial disease? However, it seem to be a typical reactive hypo curve despite the high numbers. It goes up, then drops a bit low, then raise a bit above, then go back down a bit again. But i imagine i AM eating a 1/2hypo, 1/2normal diet so that may be why it is high and not drop too low? Sigh i have no clue anymore Confused
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replied April 20th, 2008
Also, i am wondering...

I had some bad insomnia yesterday night, first time in a while. I had the glucometer, and took it twice that i woke up (slept approximately 1.5 hours each time that i could fall asleep). Both times it read 6.6ish. Is that any evidence for another issue? it seems a bit low (usually my fasting is 4.6).
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