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artery severed during knee replacement

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During a total, and routine right knee replacement, my popliteal artery was severed, with a bone saw, destroying about 1 ". It was not discovered until the tourniquet was released.after the knee was out. Due to blood loss and trauma, my kidneys shut down.( recovered just prior to scheduled dialysis) A vascular surgeon stretched artery from my lower leg to make a emergency and very difficult reattachment. 90 min surgery extended to 4 1/2 hrs. Spent 3 days in ICU However, scar tissue developed restricting blood to lower limb. Hopes of stenting failed necessitating a complete arterial bypass with a harvested vein (Healthy, clear vascular system prior to cut). Vascular complication continue.(14 months) Vascular says damage is permanent.
My questions:
Isn't the ortho surgeon supposed to isolate the artery prior cutting the bone? Is this careless and negligent surgery or a common risk?
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replied March 12th, 2008
File Malpractice !
Get a Lawyer, You will win! dont let your doctor prosper from his mistake on you!
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