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Essure Vs. Mirena

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Am considering the option of essure vs.Mirena IUD for birth control, read a lot of negative reviews about the mirena IUD, and my Dr. suggested the essure. Does anyone have any feedback about these methods of birth control. I am definitely done with having children, so the permanent solution of essure is not an issue other than 'no turning back' if there is a problem.
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replied January 8th, 2008
Especially eHealthy
If you want a permanent solution, go for it! Although Mirena is really great for many women, it's not permanent, and it does have hormones.
Of course there's the paraguard IUD which has no hormones and lasts longer (10-12 years)

If it were me and I was sure I was done, I'd get the permanent hormone free version.
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replied November 8th, 2011
Birth Control
I had the Mirena before, right as they put it in I had intense Cramping, hurt so bad, then I had the "KILL ME NOW" cramps for a week, I couldn't handle the pain and had it taken out. Also DON'T and I mean DON'T try the one called "Implanon" I got that put in last year, it's good for 2 years straight, that thing turned me into an aggressive, emotional, suicidal, Psycho B*#%H! I even found out Lots of other woman had the same side effects. I am normally a sweet person but that thing turned me evil. Right Now I am just dealing with the "Nuvaring" no side effects or anything, it's not long term, but it's good for three weeks a month.
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replied March 12th, 2012
IUD vs. Essure (Permanent Contraception)
I have had the IUD for two consecutive 5-year terms (Mirena) and I'm going for the Essure tomorrow. I'm ready for permanent and no hormones. I haven't had any negative experiences with the Mirena and it served it's purpose.
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replied December 3rd, 2012
Essure vs Mirena
I had the Mirena and I loved it. Until this year. I had to get it taken out, the cost increased, insurance no longer covered any of it. I am telling you I was upset, inconvenienced and frustrated. We have four kids and don't want anymore. Had I known I had a permanent option in 2006 that was non-surgical I would have gone for it. I am stuck saving money and praying no pregnancy pop-ups happen before I can get a perm.solution.
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