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Prp Injectioin For Low Back Pain?

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Have you guys heard of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection for low back pain? I'm currently in FL getting it for my low back pain. I would like to you if others have received the same treatment and if it worked for them. Thanks!
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replied July 18th, 2008
having prp also
How many times have you gone? I started prp in my hamstring only and regular prolo in my back. I was trying to get prp all along and my doc made it seem like it was impossible to get that much blood drawn. Well by the 3rd visit suddenly it was possible to do my entire rear pelvic and front groin area and lower back with 2 large kits. So it is my 3rd time for my hamstring injury, which is at my pelvis, the upper attachment of the hammy. But only first for my ever worsening lower back pain. First I thought it was SIJ, but when I pressed and asked the doctor where is this, he said it is L5/S1 area. He injected all the areas I hurt, but I'm assuming it would take several visits to know anything so I'm just waiting in pain. I felt a little relief afterward, but as the days go on, I think I'm feeling more pain again, at last in my back. The right side is my worst side, always bothers me a lot more than the left, the left is more on and off or just less noticeable prolly cuz the right hurts so bad I can't even notice the left! Well, let me know how you're doing. Apparently I've worn off my docs reluctance to just go straight for prp everywhere, but I guess since I told him I'm in such great pain he agreed to reach into his arsenal with the best he's got and prp is supposed to be stronger than regular prolo.
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