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cutting on thigh

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so since like a month ive been cutting myself with knives on my upper leg

like i dont feel better when i do it, it doesnt help me cope with my emotions or problems, and im not the kinda perosn who likes cutting just cus they like cuttting, i just do it cus i hate myself and if im not alowed to kill myslef i do the next best thing

but anyways, i started cutting my upper leg cus i thought that was the most discreet place, but just now i thought about how i just got a girl, and what happens when she takes off my pants and sees all those bloody cuts and scars...

like i guess i screwed myself over, cus if she sees those cuts shes probly gonna up and leave and never want to talk to me again... so yah, damn im screwed...damn
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replied January 6th, 2008
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she might not necessarily leave you. She might actually want to help you stop and support you while trying to stop. I'm speaking for my experience here but i have an ex/best friend that used to cut himself and he some how managed to hid it from me for months, but when I did find out I asked him to stop. He said he couldn't but I told him I'd help him through it all and support him all the way because I used to cut, myself. I know how hard it is to quit and you can't do it all at once or without support... I would also check him every day to make sure he hadn't cut after I found out. If there was a fresh cut and depending on how many of them there were, he'd get a different type of "punishment" that meant as me being mad/not talking to him/ kicking his @SS as i am a pretty tough girl... If you ever need to talk just PM me any time. I'm Ashley by the way Smile
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