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Lymphatic Invasion And Progronsis

Hi Everyone,

So grateful for this forum as a place to ask questions. Thanks in
advance for any responses.

My mom had surgery to remove a cancerous polyp November 8th.
We only recently saw an oncologist for the first time. They are
classifying mom's cancer as stage 2. There was no cancer in the
lymph nodes (we are grateful), but the found what they call
"lymphatic invasion", which I understand to mean that the cancer
had begun to travel to the lymph nodes (but had not reached them).

I've done a little poking around on the net and can't have any
conclusive opinions (i.e. clinical trials) that suggest that lymphatic
invasion increases the risk of recurrence (or not). Normally it would
be recommended that mom not endure chemotherapy because she
was stage 2. But because of lymphatic invasion (which, it seems,
one could say makes her stage 2.5), the oncologist is recommending
she take the oral form of chemo (Xeloda).

I would appreciate any opinions regarding whether or not mom
should take chemo. Is the risk of recurrence high enough that
chemo is wise?

Thanks kindly,

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replied January 7th, 2008
Stage Ii Cancer
Hi Tim,
There are a lot of really good boards out there for colorectal cancer. Stage II has a good prognosis. I would assume that your mom is going to go on chemotherapy. Even though it is rough, it will definitely add too a favorable out come.

Colon Cancer Alliance is a good place is another good place

http://www.alternative-cancer-treatments.c om/colon-cancer-prognosis.htm

My prayers are with your mom and you
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replied April 10th, 2008
My husband had 5 types of chemo for 2 years now for colon cancer that had spread to his liver. (stage IV) He took Xeloda during the summer to "take a break" from his regular chemo coctail. He loved it because he had very little side effects-mostly some fatigue. If your mom's doctor thinks it would be best for her, I wouln't be afraid of that medications compared to the ones my husband has had. Thank goodness she has been diagnosed early. She can beat it. She's lucky to have a caring son to help her through the treatment.
Check out the info online from the Mayo clinic. We have been going there for treatment and they are amazing.
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