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lump on armpit growing

I'm living in China with little access to Western doctors.

When our baby was born she had a strange peak in the skin under her armpit; almost like the peak that forms on a soft-serve ice cream when it's poured.

At the time we asked the doctor and the translated answer was vague and non-specific; the doctor just told us to wait and that it would go away.

Our baby is 10 months old now and the peaked area has become a lump about 1 inch across. It's red in the centre but i suspect that's just because the surface rubs against her arms as she moves.

Touching the lump causes no pain, it's soft and moveable, not fixed to any particular point. The mobility of her arm seems unaffected and completely normal and she suffers no pain; it seems identical to her other arm.

Because the lump has grown larger we took her to a doctor again; once again the translated answer was "it's a lump" (great, lots of info) but this time the doctor says she should have an operation ASAP to cut it out.

Does anyone know what it might be? I don't know anything about medicine. I've been reading on the internet and my guess is that it might be an enlarged lymph node but I really don't know.
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replied February 18th, 2008
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It's too bad that you don't have access to more knowledgeable doctors there. I was thinking of an enlarged lymph node too, but it can't be something that no one can do anything about, nor is it normal to continue with something like this, especially if it is not just a lymph node and maybe something more serious, such as cancer.

Maybe you can have an scan done or tests on it done to figure out what it is exactly. Just looking isn't going to provide anyone with answers!
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