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epididymitis caused by chlymidia ?

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I got back from my Dr. and found the ache in my testicle is from epididymitis. He gave me an antibiotic to clear it up and said it was due to a bacteria. I checked online and saw that one cause could be chlamydia. The only time I could have been exposed was about a month ago. What are the odds that I need to have a talk with my wife?
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replied January 7th, 2008
hey there - I just got diagnosed with the same...

I had a complete STD check up as part of my examination into the testicle pain, and I was clean, suggesting I didnt get my epididymitis from chlymidia

my doc saysthere are toms of reasons you get epididymitis, STD is one of many... what I am confused about is if it can CAUSE chlymidia... while I dont have it, I dont want my partner getting it as a result of the bacteria in my epididymis (tube to the testicle).

I guess the easiest thing for you to do is have yourslf checked for STDs, rather than getting in trouble with the missus - but I will be interested in what the docs on this forum have to say!
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replied August 18th, 2009
Hi guys,
I really feel your pain. I was diagnosed with epididymitis 6 years ago and suffered from the inflammations and pain for about 2 and 1/2 years. Several urologists just assumed that I had sexual relationships out of the wedlock (it was not the case!) and prescribed several bouts of antibiotics to no avail... Then, I finally traveled to the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and they diagnosed an enlarged prostate that was exerting pressure on an internal nerve. A simple course of alpha-blockers (Flomax), for about two months, took care of the problem! The pain and inflammation totally went away...
I was so angry that I had to live with this for almost 3 years given how easy the solution was, just because most doctors are ignorant of the origins of this problem!
Please have your doctors try and prescribe you alpha-blockers: I never have had any problems since then...
I hope this helps: please post back if you tried alpha blockers and they worked: I would like to know if an enlarged prostate (or similar inflammation of internal muscles) is a common cause of epididymitis and be able to help more people...
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