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Depressed About Boyfriend & Breaking Up

I am so depressed this is like the worst night/day ever. My boyfriend of 11 months broke up with me. We got in this huge argument because i had a little bit of an attitude when he asked me to do something so we went back to his house and he ate and then ignored me the entire time i was there i had to leave by 4 for work so i did. I was crying my eyes out to him and all he could say was get off of me, dont touch me, i dont care. So it made me cry even more. We had such a good day earlier in the day but once we got home in all went downhill. He got me a promise ring for my birthday and for his birthday i got him xbox 360 and video games to go along with it. So i left his house at 4 crying my eyes out and i said find if you dont want to talk to me im going to take you glasses and your 2 xbox controllers so you cant play. So i left with his glasses and his controllers. I sat in my car to see if he would run out after me and say that he was sorry and all. But no he knocks on my car window and asks for his glasses. So i said how does it feel to want? I go you want your glasses as bad as i want you to talk to me. He said nothing he walked in the house said f*** you and gave me the finger. It made me cry even more. So i sat in the driveway for a good 10 minutes to see if he was going to come back out and get them but he never did. As soon as i pulled out of the driveway he called me. I didnt answer i was crying to my friend on the phone because i was so upset. So i got to work and as im on the phone i recieve text mesages from him. Saying like you can go f*** yourself now because you went too far and now i want my rings back and then you can say bye to me then because we are over and he texted me..hope your having fun with my glases b***h. Then it was time for me to start work so i did as soon as i got there i acted sick so i could leave and go home i was able to leave an hour later. So i got in my car and cried and thought about things. Came home and he wasnt at his house he went out. I texted all of his friends and none of them were with him but i think one of them was lying. So i dont know what to do. And he was like ill have your xbox games and xbox ready for you tomorrow morning and i want my rings.( he got me one for christmas too)

what im trying to say is that i love him so much, and its hard to let him go. I just cant let him go like that. He wont even talk to me. We broke up once before and he was like i realized i would be nothing without you. So like i dont know what to do. I want to be his girl.
He needs to appreciate the things i do for him. He comes from a poor family he has no job nothing i get him things so he has things he gets me stuff only on holidays i bought him 4 seasons of rescue me, ipod alarm clock, a carhartt jacket, xbox 360, a cooler pack for xbox 360, about 4 xbox games, movies and a lot of other stuff. I go out of my way for him. And in return i get this. I love him to death and i need help. Someone cheer me up. Give me advice. Something. Anything will help. And do you think it was mean i took his glasses on him?\

help me please.
Im so depressed
you have no idea
i just want to die
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replied January 4th, 2008
believe it or not, life does go on. I'm a firm believer that you have to take what happens to you and learn from it so you'll be wiser for the next time. In addition to being wiser, you'll be stronger and more able to deal with what's handed to you. Look at this as an opportunity to learn and become stronger... with a little bit of optimism. It can change your whole outlook on things. This boy isn't worth it if he makes you cry. There IS another one out there who all of this is completely worth. Smile
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replied January 5th, 2008
he will come around,truusst me.if its been 11 months it wont just end like this,ive been with my boyfriend for 21 months,and we do this alot.dont let it get to you.everything will be alright.i know exactly how youre feeling
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replied January 6th, 2008
Especially eHealthy
how old are you first off?
relationships come and go in life, thats a part of it
it hurts and it sucks but it happens. you dont want to die over t. your just in shock. but dont say you want to die because you dont
your life will go on
it most definately will.
dont stalk him and dont beg for him to come back. that will make this even worse

just let it go until the time is right to try and fix things. if that time doesnt come then its not meant to be
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replied June 16th, 2009
I can relate
I can relate to how you are feeling. I am pregnant with twins and my boyfriend called it quits because he said I was nagging him about when he was going to move back in, because we had broke it off but immediately got back together, and also I asked for better communication. He just did not call me one day after work. First off I was worried, secondly, why not call to tell me he was going home to sleep?? After all, I deserved it because we were trying to start a family.
I can't believe it's over. I try and try to see hope, but it's been weeks since the break up and about a week since I last spoke with him. It seems like months have gone by.
I am taking this time to work on my issues, for I am depressed, and being pregnant does not help the situation.
I hate this time thing. It's hard for me to accept. Each minute feels like an hour, each hour feels like days and each day seems like a month.
All of the above replies are great. It's all truth, but when it's are to see the light, nothing seems helpful. Just know you are not alone. Others are going through it, and some have it worse off than you... or me for that matter.
Let time heal you and if it's meant to be, it will be.
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replied April 16th, 2012
I don't know why no one has stated the obvious. I am not trying to sound harsh, but based on your story, you both treated each other pretty badly. Your response with the glasses and the xbox was quite an immature and inappropriate thing to do, and his texting you and calling you names was also really immature. What you did was manipulative and what he did was abusive. It sounds like a teenager response.
That being said, I know the feeling of being in love and being dumped and its really, really painful. And it would be great if you guys could work this out, but you really need to change how you treat each other if you want to stay with each other for the long haul. I'm sure he'll get over his stint and you can talk it out. Best of luck.
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