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flashes of white

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Confused Hi. i've read and read. Floaters, spots, auras...nope. Within the past few weeks I've had a vision issue. From the lower right of vision to the upper left I get a flash of white. Nearly a wave. It is really bugging me. I have yet made it to an exam.

I have under gone many life changes.
About 8 months ago I got my first glasses...I CAN SEE!!!!~when I remember to wear them.
I moved from Las Vegas to Pennsylvania. Thanks to MOTEL6 I have had lice( a first at 40) and get this bed bugs. Tom Bodet has heard from me many times. He can keep the light on...

Last month I had my right arm all pins and needles. ER Dr suggested 2 pinched nerves in my neck. Gave me steroids. That problem still exist. Annoying! My blood pressure was "good" when admitted. Stress? Duh!

For me, these flashes do cause anxiety...those are always fun.
I test blood sugar every 4 months or so(due) All good last check.
Isnt Pizza and spaghetti a great diet?
Honestly,I am concerned. These flashes/waves are very bothersome. Ideas? besides eat fruit? Thanks
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First Helper Dallas7

replied March 21st, 2010
I have been having similar issues for over a year now. I see flashes of "white" not LIGHT in the outer edges of my visual field. I most often see this when I bend over or otherwise do something that raises my blood pressure but in the past week or so I have been getting the flashes exclusively in my right eye and all I have to do is move the eye. And instead of once in a while; I am seeing this many times per hour all day long. I have migraines and this is nothing like an ocular migraine or the "aura" seen prior to one. I am also getting yelled at to get off the computer because my right eye is always bloodshot. Not really bad just looks like eye strain. Wondering if I have increased interocular pressure in my right eye or maybe a torn detached retina although I had no physical injury to the eye.
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