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Painful Ejaculation and penis head

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Hi there

This is a very personal issue that has worried me for some time. I’m 19 years old, and really ever since I began masturbating, which has probably been for around 5 years, it hurts for me to build up and ejaculate. The penis head is very sensitive anyway. The pain seems to originate from inside my anus and there is discomfort and heat. It is possible for me to ejaculate, but I can’t continue to stroke due to the pain. I don’t really want to touch the head of the penis afterwards due to the discomfort.

There are no other problems though, no pain while urinating or anything like that. Im terrified to go to the doctor due to the fact I don’t want a serious operation. But at the same time its becoming a major issues as its really putting me off sex, which isn’t easy when your in a relationship.

I’m not sure whether it is my technique, I realised that I actually “squeeze” something inside automatically while I masturbate, or at least the inside of my anus (which could be the prostate). When I try and stop this the pain builds up even more.

I’m not sure whether it is because the head of my penis is unusually sensitive. I don’t really think I’ve ever had an orgasm, instead just this discomfort, and when it actually come to ejaculation once some has come out I have to stop stroking and tend to “push” it out from the inside – as it hurts to much to continue. I tend to masturbate daily (which may seem unusual given the circumstances) I’ve stopped for a week or so, but the only thing that seems to happen is that I seem to be able to ejaculate more. Maybe I’ve overused it. And need prolonged rest.

I’m sorry that there’s no easy way to put this problem, and I’m sure that your advice will be to see a doctor, which probably is the best thing to do, but I’m still scared to.

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