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pain under ribs and spasms in rectum, hiatal hernia ?

Hi there for six weeks now i have had pains radiating from under my left ribs down to my navel,had some strange spasms in rectum. I don't have loose stools or bleeding but some days feel as though i need to go but nothing comes out. I have had fbc,lft,amylase and u&E tests all normal. Also had a normal ultrasound test in A&E as pain was very bad,normal gallbladder,pancrias e.c.t,e.ct !! Hospital doctor in Emergency department suspects a hiatus Hernia but i don't have reflux and most pains are above navel not always under ribcage,im confused !!! My own doctor sent me away for weeks with handfulls of anti acid pills and said i was stressed,bloody hell prehaps he would like to be in pain all over xmas and New Year. Hospital has asked him to investigate possible hiatus Hernia but he doesn't seem to worried ?
Please i would love some advice as i am so tired and convinced it's something more serious ??? Thankyou Marieanna scared
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replied July 8th, 2012
Can you help these symtoms sound simular to what my mum is going through ,did you manage to find out what was wrong , any help would be appreciated ,
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