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Hi, I have been having pelvic pain since March 07, and saw a urologist in september. He did a cystoscopy and said my bladder was very inflammed. He put me on 3 weeks of methylene blue, along with antibiotics. The antibiotics are for a whole week, then 2 a week for 9 weeks, and 1 a week for 6 months. This is along with 10 weekly silver nitrate instillations, which I hold in for one hour. This treatment has made my pain at least 10 times worse.
I do not, and never have had any burning, or stinging when I pee, nor is my urine cloudy, dark, or smelly etc. All urine tests have been negative.

They tell me, that they are burning the inflammation off, which is caused by cystitis. But this is something that I know I do not have.

Is it possible to have cystitis, where the only symptom is a crushing pain in my bladder area when I finish having a pee? I also have a stabbing pain behind my belly button.
I live in france, and despite my protests that I am being made worse, I am told I must finish the treatment.
The only information I can find on this treatment is that its regarded as obsolete, and painful, and for the treatment of interstitial cystitis.
I am really hoping someone can help and answer my questions. Thank you, Mulberry
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replied January 17th, 2012
Did you find out anymore help. I'm basically in the same position that you were in. My specialist want to do the silver nitrate on me. I can't find any good up-to-date info. I don't think I want to start treatments but don't know what else to do.
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