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Slipped Disc treatment and recovery times?

I'm new on the forum, Just wondering if anybody has/is suffering from a slipped disc. I'm suffering from it at the moment and have been off work for five weeks now,

How long will it take to get back to normal, and what are the best ways to help ease the pain & recover?

I'm having different consultations from various people but do not know at the moment what to believe, and what is the right step to take.

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replied December 28th, 2007
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Hello Kundan,

Welcome to this forum.

"I'm having different consultations from various people" May I ask if the people you have consulted with are neurologists and/or spinal surgeons?

You say "slipped disc". Would you be so kind as to explain in somewhat more detail the problem you have? I have bulging discs, and L5/S1 slipped vertebrae.

Will look forward to your reply.

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