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are these vitamins ok?

Over the past two months, I've (I'm 19) started taking some vitamins, drinking more water, eating considerably less fast and other junk food, and going to the gym. I'm just curious though, the combination of vitamins that I am taking, is it okay?

I've been taking:
*Men's Health Formula One Daily (Equate) If you need the exact percentages I will post
*L-Arginine 500mg
*Ginkgo Biloba 120mg
*Korean Ginseng 100mg x2 a day
*Super B-Complex
*Flaxseed Oil 1000mg x3 a day

I started taking each for different reasons
the multivitamin I figured would give me the essentials that I wasn't getting from my diet. the L-Arginine was recommended for protein and use with exercise. Ginkgo Biloba I started taking to keep me focused (I have ADHD). The Korean Ginseng I started taking for energy purposes and the same with the Super B-Complex. The Flaxseed I am taking to improve my skin.

Am I mixing anything I shouldn't? Thanks!
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replied February 14th, 2008
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It looks like you have a decent list there. You aren't over doing it. the only thing I would be concerned about is the b-complex, since vitamin b is already in the multi. Just check the percentages and don't overdo it....anything over the recommended dosage is either not healthy or just gets flushed out of your system and wasted.
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replied March 14th, 2008
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Agreed. The list looks pretty good. The B vitamins aren't going to hurt you, but mominashoe is right. You're body is pretty smart and knows how much of the b-complex vitamins it needs. Anything it doesn't need gets flushed out. Which is why your urine might be bright yellow. That's just the excess getting flushed.
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