i am a 28 age of old single boy from meadle east.
i recently have done a color Doppler sonography for my testicles to check whether i have varikosel or not?
after test it was detemined that i have a non important varikosel (grade 1) in my left resticle.my doctor told me that everything is ok but i am worried about some result of sonography.
based on results:
left testicle size is 21*36 mm
right testicle size is 24*39 mm
my question is about size of my testicles.and the testiclar volume of my testices.
i am worried that maybe they are small.
could anyone provide me exact information in this regards along with reference?
how can i calculate testicular volume with data derived from sonography?
is testicle size fixed or they may changes in two different sonography test?
is there any way to increase testicle size?
please note.my concern is not differnce between two testicle.
i am worried about size of each testicle(especiall left testicle) and testicular volume?
would you please help me ?
thanks in advance
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replied January 11th, 2008
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Are you concerned about this for cosmetic reasons?
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replied January 25th, 2008
my concern is that are my testicle small , moderate or normal.
i want to know how testiculr volume calculated and what is mine
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