I'm not yet 30, and I've already had two full scopes done due to years of chronic diarrhea, that is nearly daily.

After my last scope, when the doc ruled out IBS (which is what I was first told), there were more tests done for things such as chrons and celiac. Two tests came back negative, and the rest I'm not sure about. I go for an upper GI next week.

The deal is, I'm sick of being sick. There has to be some kind of limit here, as to how long/often a person can have diarrhea. Is there ANYthing anyone has tried that has been successful? It seems to be mostly after I eat and I eat pretty healthy.
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replied December 26th, 2007
it could be that you have too much/too little water or salt.

Try a all natural (no processed foods) diet to see if its corn syrup or some other processing additive. These are tough diets to begin but they are worth it. Its easier now because organic food stores have a wide selection (food dosn't have to be organic, but the organic frenzy makes raw food easy to find)

This is a list of what an active, healthy young man should consume in a week. A less active man, or a woman can cut down ingredients(except milk and veggies) by 2/3.

32oz meat
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Bouillon (chicken, beef or vegetable)
2/3 cup margarine or butter
1 ½ cups of not processed cheese
4 cups Cornmeal
3 cups Wheat Flour
1 cup Fruit Drink (Tang) (white sugar)
3 cups Lentils
2 cups Macaroni
4 ½ cups of regular milk
3 cups Oats
2 cups Raisins
3 cups Rice
1/3 cup Salt
2 cups Un-toasted Sunflower Seeds (could be any nut)
tomato paste
2-3 Carrot
Bulb of Garlic

Also useful: peanut butter, hot sauce
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replied January 19th, 2008
Well, we seem to have finally found the simple answer:

Even though I eat a TON of fiber--more than the average person already--apparently it still wasn't enough for my own system. I began a diet extremely high in fiber and seems now that the problem is solved.
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