I have suspected I have nail rot in my left thumb, a local pharmacy has been heavily advertising with large posters in their window, an expensive brand of nail rot solution called Loceryl


...and its really what brought my thumb to my attention, previously noticed a slight discolouration but didnt give it a second thought.

I enquired about Loceryl, was told it was for severe cases and was very expensive - approx $100 - I was recommended this: Resolve solution at 10 bucks

http://www.pharmacydirect.co.nz/default.as px?T=2459&G=4191&P=1681

...but im concerned at the part that suggests my nail will fall off.

Nail Infections: Cut nails as

short as possible. After the infected nail has come off continue treatment until a new one has grown.

Spose I should see a doctor, but it seems quite minor, I just dont like the thoughts of the nail coming totally off.

edit....auto censor is playing with my post, should read "cut nail short as possible"
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