I started noticing cold symptoms a little more than a week ago...the first 3 days were very mild and the 4th day hit me hard... i had a slight fever/coughing/sneezing/runny nose/headache. on the 5th day i began to feel better but the symptoms were still present... since then (on about the 7th or 8th day now) the sneezing has stopped. i was having extreme headache from sinus congestion 2 days ago... but it has stopped... however i still have a runny nose and im coughing up flem... this whole time i have been taking some dayquil/nyquil and mucinex dm. i thought i was getting over it buuut...

i have been having night sweats for about the past two days (which ive never had before) nonetheless. i returned to my normal activites yesterday, feeling good (well maybe just ok) in the morning. I felt i had my strength back... during the day i started feeling extrmeely weak... also the past 2 days i have had almost no appetite... i feel hunger, but my appetite is gone and i cant eat... last night i started having chest pains and at one time they were so bad i had to stop what i was doing... it hurt to breathe and they were constant for about 2 hours before they stopped... this morning i woke up a sweaty mess, and still slight chest pain but not unbearable like last night... now it just feels like there is pressure in my lungs or something idk... but when i press on my rib cage it hurts...

i dont know if this is a result from it but i have also lost some weight recently... not a drastic amount but i had to poke an extra hole in my belt the other day cause it was too big... so i can tell...

i dont have health insurance and im kinda starting to freak out do i need to go to the emergency room or what...
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replied March 6th, 2008
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There can be up to 100 causes for your symptoms, the main one which seems to freak you out is night sweats. Infections and other serious conditions that can cause night sweats may include:

* Virus
* Common cold
* Flu
* Hepatitis
* Abscess
* Subphrenic abscess
* Tuberculosis
* Pulmonary tuberculosis
* Thyroid disorders
* Leukemia
* Hodgkin's disease

I'd suggest you get a diagnosis if this is continuing.
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