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My Wife: Mucous And Blood In Stool; No Pain (Page 5)

July 23rd, 2014
No one is saying what it might be, their just telling their own symptoms..Why don't anyone answer the questions that people ask you? The guy with the wife STILL HASN'T ANSWERED...UNREAL!
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This post has been removed because it did not meet our Community Guidelines.

replied April 23rd, 2015
I am experiencing the following:
Constant need to deficate when urinating
Not able to defacate without great strain
Extreme pain pushing out, like something is blocking the stool
Pencil sized stool
Mucus covering stool
Bright blood on stool and mucus and water and paper
Sometimes hard, sometimes soft
Very lethargic
Extreme weight fluctuations
Extreme stabbing pain behind belly button about once a month for about 15 minutes
Father had colon cancer, mother chrons and IBS

Am I pretty much screwed? I just got Medi-Cal....

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replied April 30th, 2015
Hi, everybody. I'm going to tell you all my one-week story, from the beginning until my diagnosis. First of all, i'm a 24 y.o brazilian guy with european background.

It all started last monday in the afternoon. I felt the need to use the loo, and as soon as I looked down into the toilet (I have always been conscious over poop-health), I saw some blood and mucus floating in the water. The stool was there too, in small quantity, but basically unchanged. Needless to say I got scared to death.

Later on that day, at night, I felt an urge to let gas out, and guess what? Only mucus and blood stuff came out. A FALSE BM. I went back into the toilet and still got some stool out (bloody mucus kept coming too). The stool wasn't hard (as mine usually is) - it was damp and easy to pass, but i'm not sure I would say it was a real diarrhea. At that point I was desperate. The fear of getting a colonoscopy and being diagnosed with something serious was all that I could think about.

So I came home, took some pills and slept. The next morning, more bloody mucus with stool. I took some wood sticks and started picking inside the stool (gross), to see if there was any blood mixed with it. Didn't find anything. After lunch, another Bowel Movement. But this time, the mucus got dark brown, and concentrated in one single bubble (?). Odd enough. Like the blood in the intestine had started to dry.

Downroad from there, I still got mucus and blood in my stool twice, but they were darker in color and in less quantitiy. So, last thursday I went to see a proctologist who's a friend of my aunt's, who's also a doctor. She scheduled a colonoscopy for...the following thursday. WHICH IS TODAY. Just got back from the clinic. During this interval, I had no more blood on stool, maybe some mucus and some looser BMs.

Anyway, I was DREADING the exam. Not because of the procedure itself, but because I was so scared of the outcome. During my highly anxious-waiting week, I read every single post in this thread. And I must say that it's very selfish, if not impolite, to not answer back with your results. The people here are actually nervous, guys.

Well, the good news is that the Colonoscopy showed nothing wrong AT ALL with me. I have also had a 3 month discomfort right beneath my right ribs that worried me for a bit too. But that, turned out to be nothing as well. I have been only prescribed with some pills for IBS.

My point in writing this post is: try not to lose it completely, folks. As grave and serious your symptoms may look like to you, they may turn out being nothing worrisome at all. But one thing is for sure: GET CHECKED. This is rule number one in the feeling good process. If you don't overcome your fears, you might as well live with them for a long time.

I wish you all the very best.
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replied July 13th, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
I think that you should see a dietician as that is not enough calories to sustain life.
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