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High Bilirubin Level

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i have a high Bilirubin level and my symptomes are:
dizziness, sickness, heartburn, swet.

I am in china now. I hope some expert can help me out.

------------------------------------------ -------------------
TBIL 80.5 umol/L
IBIL 72.1 umol/L
DBIL 8.4 umol/L

P 0.91 mmol/L
GLO 31.80 g/l
AFU 38 nkat/L/h

WBC 5.52 10-9/L
HGB 162 g/L

HBsAG 0.01 ng/ml
HBsAb 16.49 mIU/ml
HBeAg 0.04 NCU/ml
HBeAb 0.59 NCU/ml
HBcAb 1.50 NCU/ml

------------------------------------------ -------------------
My heard still verry big bouncing
It seems to get worse if i am stressed.
My heartbeat sometimes 100 ppm and i swet. Is that the cause of high Billirubin ? Eyes and Skin are Yellow.

Thanks for Every Help,

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replied January 1st, 2008
My levels:
TBIL 80.5 umol/L normal 2 -20
IBIL 72.1 umol/L normal 1 - 17
DBIL 8.4 umol/L normal 03 - 6

If somebody have an Idea !
thanks , fionn
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replied February 21st, 2009
hi,im male of 26yrs from mautitius. me too getting big problems here. no doctors here are able to help me or even understand. my My Tbil(ie total) was 42.6umol/L four days back,today its already 56.8umol/L. i had echo of lowers organs, bile duct, prostate etc,all seems normal.i did full blood count,everything my eyes have become yellow,my feet are worse darker yellow. my symptoms, a bit discomfort below right rib cage,im a bit tired and feel feverish,and mostly malaise/nausea when digestion starts. my stool colour a bit pale.
im non drinker, veg 100%,normal weight,had no health problem before.
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