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Excision of Osteochondroma On Foot

Hi all!
I have had a lump on my foot for nearly a year now; I've been through hell with the diagonisis. They're still not 100% positive what it is, however, they are removing it in early January. They've called it an Osteochondroma and it's located on my 2nd metarsal.
I know I'm not allowed to do vigorous activity for about 6 - 8 weeks afterward and it requires some time on crutches; other then that, I know nothing. I was hoping someone could give me an idea? Just about the surgery, pain, etc? I have no idea what I'm in for...he just was a bit worried about the surgery because he'd have to move my nerve and an artery aside to get to the area.Also, this is an outpatient procedure - is that normal? (It just seems that in my research a hospital stay was involved??)
Thanks so much!
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