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Denied Coverage

What should I do???
Lie on another Health Insurance Application
Apply to California State High Risk Pool
Go Without Health Insurance
COBRA (for $405 a month)
Give Up on Freelancing and Get a Job w/ Health Insurance
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Hello. I'm a 24 year old female and I'd say I'm pretty healthy, though I'm not healthy by health insurance underwriting standards.

I recently went through a health insurance agent who helped me apply to a company he said usually approves people with anxiety/depression. However, I was denied.

My group coverage ended Nov 1, 2007. I need to find coverage soon in order to have proof of continuous coverage in the future.

Here are my problems: anxiety/depression (was diagnosed w/ 'major depression' though I think this was an incorrect diagnosis. If I realized all the trouble such a diagnosis would cause I would have never went to see the damn shrink. I was on Lexapro for a month and hated it and have since been med free.) -- I also have irregular periods and the occasional ruptured ovarian cyst due to having polycystic ovary syndrome. All I do for that is take the birth control pill. I'm sure lots of healthy women take BCP's too! That's it for my health history. I don't smoke, I'm not overweight, I'm otherwise a healthy girl!

Still, I know that I can't get health insurance. It seems my only option is the Cali high-risk pool (or my $405 a month COBRA offer - yea, right). But it seems getting approved for the cali high risk pool takes forever and doesn't even have good services once you do get approved and pay their ridiculous premiums.

So basically it seems I have to go without insurance for a while regardless, and then hope to eventually get approved for the high risk pool program, right?

Do I have any other options?

I'm a freelance writer and designer and make about $30k-$50k a year, depending on how many jobs I get.
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replied December 27th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
I guess your only hope is to get a job with a company that pays health insurance. I'd like to know if there is other options in this sick system.
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replied January 11th, 2008
Do a Self Evaluation, But Don’t Lie
I am sorry to hear about your predicament, but let me try to discourage you from lying on your insurance applications. The reason for not lying/omitting information is that everything these insurance companies do gets reported to the Medical Information Bureau MIB The MIB kind a works like a big credit reporting agency. Once your information is entered all the insurance companies have access to and check that information before issuing coverage.

So what? What if I slide by and get coverage issued? Well the issue here is that if you ever file a claim that the insurance would have to pay good money for they would most likely check all your charts and see that you lied or omitted information. This gives them the right to resend coverage to the day that you lied/omitted information that would have caused the underwriter to render a different opinion and leaving you high and dry on the operating table.

The best thing is not to omit any ailments and look for a large broker that has the experience in dealing with multiple issues.

To the question of leaving your dream and going back to the dreaded J O B. I would consider a few things first.

First--- Take a good honest long look/evaluation at your free lance work. How long is it going to take before you can afford to pay the $X that the risk pool requires.

Second--- Can you hold out? Now I know that we are never guaranteed tomorrow, but consider your health history. In the last year how many times have you gone to the hospital? How healthy do you feel? I ask this because lets say that you feel like you can go a year with minimal issues and you also feel like in the next 10 months you will be able to afford the risk pool then go for it fight for your business. Nothing good ever comes from fighting your dreams. Just keep in mind that you are sacrificing coverage for your dream and try not to do any car stunts and do your best to stay healthy.

On the other hand let’s say you are a very sickly person and that you are always in the dr’s office. You need the Dr to make it. Then I would seriously start thinking about going back to work for the health insurance. If you can keep doing your free lance on the side do that and when you fell like you are ready take the jump. This may take a little longer, but NEVER NEVER give up on your dream!!!

In closing don’t omit anything they always seem to find out in the most inopportune time. Like when you really need them. Do a self evaluation and don’t give up your dreams.

Eleazar Estorga
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replied February 28th, 2009
anthem blue cross
There are some health insurance agents that provide anthem blue cross, and you don't pay them any fee for our services, nor do you pay a higher premium for letting California Health Plans assist you. They are licensed by the State to provide you with explanations that are accurate and unbiased. And their organization is committed to presenting health insurance quotes within your residents can rely on.
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replied March 26th, 2009
Discount Medical
I know and realize that I'm late with my response and you've probably found assitance by now, but just to let you know for future reference, while you are waiting for approval from state, or even if you have insurance already, there are Discount Medical Plans that can definitely help during transition. These Plans cannot decline you, mainly because it's not insurance. Many people use these Plans for Presecriptions & if they've been declined, but they have several other benefits as well. They are very affordable and is a great source for healthcare coverage on a right now basis, since there is no underwriting, approval and declinations depends on if you register or not. Here is a website with further information. Hope this helps.
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replied October 27th, 2009
There is hope for you. I am an agent that has a guaranteed issue health insurance plan for anybody that can answer "no" to these questions...

1. Are you on medicare?
2. Are you over 65?
3. Are you in the military?
4. Are you receiving disability?

We also offer critical illness coverage for people that have a high deductible plan. For example, say your deductible is $10,000, you're hospitalized with a critical illness and your major medical plan requires you to meet that deductible, once you own a critical illness policy, it'll pay that $10,000 and your major medical can pick up the rest.

If you need any further assistance, please give me a call at: 270 321-4009. Please leave your name and number and I'll return your call if I happen to be out of office.
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