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June 18th, 2012
Im on an human growth hormone releaser, a combine of amino acids that trigger you're own human growth hormone production, and as a matter of fact, my symptoms has started to fade away naturally.
And its NOT symptoms i hate when people say its "symptoms"... Its a state. Just like when you tip a glass of water. Find a way to fill it again.
I can feel like a normal person now.
The only problem is that i prob. have to take it till i die. Maybe i should try antipsychotics.. But i dont know.
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replied June 18th, 2012
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replied October 28th, 2012
Anti-psychotics (neuroleptic drugs) cause psychoses
The atypical anti-psychotics do cause psychoses when wrongly given to a person.

I had no personal or family history of mental illnesses, then I ran into a paranoid PCP who wanted to cover up a "bad fix" on a broken ankle, surgery attended by her husband, according to medical records I later picked up.

This PCP put me on Wellbutrin, supposedly so I could quit smoking, in conjunction with a NSAI anti-inflammatory and a pain killer that has major drug interaction warnings with the Wellbutrin. I went off the Wellbutrin because I'd started smoking again, and my PCP was negligent in taking me off the bad reaction to the NSAI, upon the recommendation of my ankle surgeon.

The bad drug reactions, and my PCP's misinforming me about the withdrawal symptoms and lying about the ADRs, caused me to go to a therapist. Unbeknownst to me, this therapist was friends with some people I now have medical evidence abused one of my children, keeping child molesters on the streets is profitable for unethical therapists.

I ended up being railroaded, but eventually a Catch "#22" doctor did lead to me being eventually weaned off all the drugs.

First I was put on Risperdal and within two weeks I wouldn't leave me room because I was completely delusional. The doctor prescribing the med, when told of how sick the drug made me, recommended upping the med. We left him, and he did eventually hand over his records confessing to his "Foul up."

I went to another doctor who took me off the Risperdal, put me on Seroquel (these meds are in the same family of meds, neuroleptic meds) in conjunction with Lithium. Two weeks later this doctor lied to my husband claiming I hadn't been on Risperdal and put me back on the Risperdal again. I got "voices" that night.

Anti-psychotics do cause psychoses, and they render the patient senseless, you can't think straight when put on them. And currently "The number of people who die each day because of medical errors ... is the equivalent of six jumbo jets falling out of the sky," every day! ("Death by Medicine").

The medical community is covering up the easily recognized medical mistakes, with complex medical mistakes, then railroading patients off to the psychiatric community to try and kill the patients with the complex iatrogenic artifacts, drug interactions - I was forced to take drugs with up to 15 moderate and major drug interaction warnings at above FDA recommended levels - before I was eventually weaned off the drugs. Thank God not all within the medical community are completely disgusting.

And just a warning, it takes years and years for your brain to heal itself. I wish I could say you can heal quickly, but that is not the truth. And you're right, the medical community will try and claim withdrawal symptoms are a return of a mental illness that one did not have prior to malpractice. It's appalling, truly, to deal with the psychiatric community. Their lack of respect for patients is staggering.

I recommend a book called, "Misdiagnosis and Duel Misdiagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults," although it is a bit technical. I am NOT a Scientologist, however, their website,, gives some very good warnings about these deplorable drugs.

Anti-psychotic cause psychoses, and they render patients senseless. These drugs should be illegal.
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replied June 26th, 2013
Here are two links that show evidence that the antipsychotics cause long run brain damage: merica/201102/andreasen-drops-bombshell-an tipsychotics-shrink-the-brain /

I, too, highly recommend reading Robert Whitaker's books "Mad in America" and "Anatomy of an Epidemic." Peter Breggin's books are good, as well.

As to the "credibility" of a schizophrenia diagnosis, the NIMH announced in May of 2013 that it will no longer be directing it's research dollars into DSM "disorders," because they are scientifically "lacking in validity."
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replied September 23rd, 2013
Hi,I'm writing from Spain.I threatened a classmate and was given risperdal 7,5.I became dumb for a month and tried to kill myself.Then I was given seroquel 7'5 for 8 months.Tried to kill myself again and after that I was given zyprexa 10 mg for mor than 3 years.I didn't had a clear diagnostic no schyzophrenia no bipolar.Then another suicidal attempt cause the efects when I quit the meds .Given paliperidone 10 mg,Then Xeplion,throught the vein,then abilify.This psychitarists are capitalism nazis and deserve to fry in hell.Now I see that people with "schyzophrenia" were give lower doses and I cry.
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replied November 30th, 2013
conventional thinking can be quite insane!!
stellamaris347 wrote:
That was just...pretty condescending. Read MY comment, made from the standpoint of an objective observer. I happen to think slam had a similar experience. Just because someone has been diagnosed with a "mental illness" doesn't mean that everything they say which doesn't quite fit with conventional thinking is "delusional". Remember, conventional thinking can be quite insane as well!

thisjustin thisjustin thisjustin Yeah, really! Everyone is so brainwashed by western medicine like it's the ONLY way to cure disease. Guess what!! It's not! Big pharmaceutical corporations aren't interested in wellness of people. That doesn't make money... unfortunately, it is all about the money. protest
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replied December 15th, 2013
Are Anti-psychotics Ruining My Boyfriend?
Last year at the end of March, my boyfriend of 2 years began acting very strange. At first he said he just felt "fuzzy" and couldn't concentrate. By the end of the first week, he had become someone else entirely. He has now told me he was seeing things in that time and he even thought he killed someone when he saw a murder trial on the news. He was... psychotic. At first, the doctors diagnosed him with clinical depression, since he had all the signs of it: insomnia, weight loss, sad all the time, not taking care of himself, etc. But I knew there was more to it when he would say things like "You can hear my thoughts" or "Stop controlling my thoughts". He was sent to a hospital after trying to hurt himself, and then was moved to an actual mental hospital. I asked his mother if the doctors were thinking of a different diagnoses, and she told me "psychotic depression". When I looked that up, he matched exactly with all the symptoms. After months and months, he showed significant improvements with the help of anti-psychotics (when he was still at home, the doctors only had him on Zoloft, which he stopped taking after about a week). He is now home and is taking Latuda, as well as Prolixin (fluphenazine). His current doctor is trying to wean him off of Prolixin because Latuda is supposed to have less severe side effects, which my boyfriend does have (rapid heart beat, restlessness, dry mouth, muscle stiffness, random facial and body twitches). But even with the medicine, he says sometimes he feels "fuzzy", but not like when he was really sick... A new kind of "fuzzy". His new doctor told him that psychotically depressed patients who are being treated do not feel "fuzzy" or sick at all usually on the meds. His doctor told him out right that he has no idea what my boyfriend has... I am seeking advice, support, and any ideas about what could possibly be going on with my boyfriend.I want to know if someone else out there has this too, or knows someone who has experienced this...
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replied October 6th, 2014
i was treated with xeplion during one year, my life was very nice bifore medication, affter it i cant think, i not have emotion, not feel, my mind is bloked, my spirit is so dwone, the psiquiatric kill me for about a year, i stoppde the medication 6 months ago and still i m not feeling, not have emotion. bifore i had the psicotic desorde i had write a book and a few songs, at these moment mi mind cant articulate any word , sorry because my inglish is not so good i m spanish man 48 years old i think that they kill people, they not experiment it in his body the medication,
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replied October 6th, 2014
i was treated with xeplion during one year, my life was very nice bifore medication, affter it i cant think, i not have emotion, not feel, my mind is bloked, my spirit is so dwone, the psiquiatric kill me for about a year, i stoppde the medication 6 months ago and still i m not feeling, not have emotion
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replied October 24th, 2014
Yes they do cause more psychosis and it makes it worse and a LOT harder to control.

Plus more - memory problems, cognitive problems, movement problems, severe anxiety, blunt emotions, problem socializing etc.

The longer you are on these drugs, the bleaker your future becomes. Too many severe side-effects you don't want to steal your life.

I'm currently on my 3rd attempt to come off Clozapine. Previous attempts were hell. Mind over matter becomes useless once you are on Antipsychotics long enough. I'm hoping that I'll be able to succeed this time.
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replied January 7th, 2015
my situation
my father is a gp doctor. my mom suddenly took me to see a psychiatrist when i didn't seem to have psychosis symptoms but only some emotions around my being bullied out of work a few times. the psychiatrist on first visit seem to show a tendency to label anyone he saw as having a problem and prescribed me pills. he claimed the pills nurture the brain and my IT career tax the brain heavily so i believed him being a partner to support my mental well being. i faithfully took the pills prescribed, which were low dosage of ambilify, serdolect, solian, risperdal etc giving me some side effect such as disappeared sexual function, weight gain, dullness, tremor. it never occurred to me that the pills made me sharp or smarter or feeling better in any ways. i continued to do some IT work and being forced out from job to job whether it was due to politics, the econonmy or myself. in the end i was given zeldox which seems not to give me the side effect of dullness, sexual dyfunction or weight gain. i certainly sensed the withdrawal symptom if i forget to take a pill once, i would remain sleepless (insomia) for the night. i only take it at night to avoid drownsiness at work. then in jan2014, while i was in the office looking through some email and data, suddenly my first psychotic epidsode came with hallunciation having a stream of icons and data flooding into my eyes, and my brain feel out of control and wanting me scream aloud and taking off my restrictive clothing. i sensed something is wrong and kept myself restrained and went home immediately to turn off all stimulants like phone and screen or light. i recovered after sleeping. that is my first true serious epidsode of psychosis. i was shocked when i did a search on the net to realise the pills i took are for schizophrenia which was apparently a very lifelong disabling mental disease. the new psychiatrist now heard that i want to find someone to hug to seek comfort, and he says this is abnormal behaviour. he up my dosage from 60mg to 80mg per day. after reading conflicting information on the net, i start to worry am i being damaged due to long term exposure to antipsychotic drugs. now everyday, my legs have muscle twiching and my hands tremor. of course i have other side effects as documented on the net such as dry mouth. i saw some info about schizophrenia symptoms such as social withdrawal, loss of motivation etc which seems to describe myself. but i didnt hear sound or have strange beliefs. i only know by now if i read an article on wikipedia on a computer jargon, it may give me anxiety to the point i cannot continue to focus to read to digest the complex learning. it gives me anxiety to the point i would stand or sit uncontrolably or feeling tired to seem like non functional as a person. after reading on the web about the controversy about potential damages of psychiatry or its drugs, i start to worry. i am aged 41 male, single with no lover, and having no money in bank, now surviving in a low level waiter job instead of some it career like i did in the past. i wonder is my life screwed up? my psychiatrist does not like the idea to let me come off the drugs and warn me against relapse.
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replied December 11th, 2015
I ve been diagnosed paranoid schzofrenic, and drug induced psychosis.
I was psychotic for a whole year after i left the psych ward as i met many truly sick people.

I was put on pills which i took shortly before i relapsed into my drug usage. they didnt help much, i couldnt really tell at the time actually.

later on at the end of the year i was involuntarily placed on injection for a month which after i moved houses to get away from the involuntary treatment. the injection helped somewhat altho i was completely incapacitated, physically and mentally. side effects and such.

under a year later i started taking abilify. its alright but it makes me extremely bored and restless. and it doesnt help much at all with my psychosis. actually it makes it worse because the cause of my pyschosis are mentally unstable emotional abusers which i happen to come accross each time i move houses. like the house im currently live in which is why i started taking abilify again recently and it sucks. doesnt help much at all. makes me weak and easy to manipulate actually.
Maybe if the cause of psychosis wasnt present it would be all gud but then i wouldnt need the anti psychotics anyway!

On schzofrenia. I was told i had it. I didnt believe it as i know after taking so many drugs that its all in the mind and the mind is like a computer. its true that its basically a reboot. Its extremely overwhelming but it gets better if the person uses the right drugs and has the right company and the cause of psychosis is gone.
What i mean by the right drugs is that personally cannabis relaxed me and calmed me down significantly.
LSD gave me a new fresh image and filled me with positivity and happiness. a month of therapy really.
MXE is a great antipsychotic in my experience more effective that antipsyhotic medication, if used in moderation of course and NOT around the cause of pyschosis.

Even while on antipsychs the cause of psychosis will effect and diminish the victims mental state if present in their lives.
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