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Sudden Back Pain on right side - pulled muscle?

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Hello there everyone, I need some help. Sorry if I'm a newb, I'm only 17.

Friday night a friend was spending the night, so I offered to sleep on the floor. When I woke up the next morning my neck hurt a bit from me sleeping in a weird position. I was getting dressed and putting on jeans and all of a sudden I got sharp pain in my lower back. I have never experienced back pain like this before. It was very random, and I have no idea what might have happened. It hurt so bad I had to drop to the floor, and it felt like I couldn't move.

That day we had a field trip, and I ignored my pain and stupidly went anyway. I drove to school, too. Throughout the day it hurt only a bit (i took ibuprofen) and then we went and saw a Laser Show. At the laser show you can lay down on your backs to watch it, so I thought it might help. I was SOOO WRONG. I could hardly get up after it was over (it was about 40 minutes long) The pain was worse than when it first happened that morning. My friend bought me Motrin and I took it, and after a while my back had no pain at all. But now, I still am in pain. I can even feel a slight burning pain in the outer side of my right thigh. All of this pain is on my right side.

I don't really know what might this be, a pulled muscle? I am also overweight, and that could play a part on why this happened. I also was wondering what I could do to make it go away (exercises, ice pack...etc.)

Thanks. (sorry for bad grammar, i'm trying to type this fast so I can relax my back.)
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replied December 16th, 2007
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Hello Sarah,

Welcome to this great forum and super people.

AHHHhhh, if only to be 17 again. Now just reverse those numbers and you will know how old I am. LOL

Sorry to read about the pain you are having in your back. I am not a doctor, so I shall not try to be one. Sarah, I would highly recommend that you see your regular doctor and get his/her thoughts. Even better, see a highly respected neuroligist/spinal surgeon. Talk to your parents and others as to who they have received good advice from regarding back pain. To be clear, I am talking about a neurologist or spinal surgeon. I would hope your doctor and/or spinal specialist would take some X-rays.

In the interim, try a cold pack or hot pad and see if that helps a bit.

Do stay in touch and let us know how things go. Also, don't hesitate to ask more questions.

I wish you the very best.

Take care.

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replied August 27th, 2010
Sara's back problem
Sara, I was WAY up there in the weight department (265 lbs). The back problems didn't hit me until early forties. I am sorry for your pain so early in life. See a GOOD doctor. Ibuprofren is the standard fare for us back folks. I have had very ugly attitude doc who said, "lose some weight". Nice when he's a skinny 120 pound man I could SIT ON! I have lost almost 80 pounds now and I am considered almost "normal". I still have incredible back problems. You need a decent and good doctor. I NOW have a good one (HE has weight probs - who would think that? - So he's a wonderful man) I lost the weight, but I still have awful problems with sciatica though. I like to walk with my thumb in my lower back so I can straighten up.
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replied December 3rd, 2010
Back pain
sarah! Im 20 years old and im going through this right now but i have it on the left side as well as my right. i cant bend my back and you know what!!?!? Same thing i was actually pulling my pants down to pee and boom striking pain and i went down to my knees like a guy does what they get kicked in there balls. It was very very excruciating pain! I drank vodka last night and almost wonder if its my kidneys are saying hey!! stop drinking. Im not to sure but ive searched every where to find my answer but its good that im not the only one. Being over weight didnt cause this for you im 125 pounds and it went out in a spilt second. I have found that a heating pad works better then a cold pack. Anyone else know of anything please let me know!!!!
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replied February 13th, 2013
hi, most likely it is a sprain of the muscles that support the spinal may be a good idea to ice (and NOT heat) the area for the first couple of days, for a few times a day, this should help reduce any inflammation/swelling. After the first couple of days, start light exercise..there are back exercises as well (and yoga) that should help relieve the pain and help stretch and relax the muscles
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replied February 15th, 2013
In my opinion back pain is a big problem in recently.When we are working continuously without taking any rest.So there are a lot of exercise and yoga for this.Everybody have to do regular exercise and yoga.
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