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Rash / Not a Std

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ok so i have had this red rash on the bottom of my shaft and on my testies for like 5 months now, i went and had a std test done but everything came back neg but they dont include a hiv test in that "how stupid is that" so im kinda worried about that 2. I dont have any insurance and i already owe 600 bucks from where i had 2 go 2 the hospital last time. the rash started in the fold between my groin in the leg as just a little redness then it spread to the testies and then to the bottom of the shaft. its has a rubberish feel to it and its shiny, also there is redness at the very tip of the penis. it does not itch or burn or anything, i doubt its hiv. but this thing is ruining my life... its not getting any better or worse. it just acts if its there 2 stay and i cant have that.
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replied December 16th, 2007
Heat rash? Though I always thought heat rash was irritating. Other than that, I'm not a doctor, so I can't even speculate.

It's ridiculous how you have to pay so much money to see a doctor.
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