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For years now I have had these really bad worrying problems. I also think these horrible things are going to happen even though some seem impossible. These things stay on my mind all the time and make me miserable sometimes and no matter how much I try to convince my self that I shouldn't worry over these things, I can't help it.
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replied December 15th, 2007
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Worrying is a normal part of life. But, it is when that worry starts to rule our live we have to start to get concerned. Could very well be a precursor of anxiety creepin up on you. Best thing you could do for yourself is see a physciatrist and put those worries on his desk. Let him/her help you figure out how to deal with it. Depending on the degree of anxiety you have will determine the extent of the treaatment. Do'nt let it rule your life. Most of my anxiety actually is from worry. My health, my son, his future and his recreational habits etc. Like if he get off work at 10 and still not home by 1am, I am already in a total panic attack steming from the original anxiety attack.
Get some help for it.

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