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Circumcision Side-effects

Hello. I'm 20 years old. Recently, I had sex for the first time. Unfortunately,during sexual intercourse, I had pain and eventually after a couple of minutes, I lost my erection. I visited a doctor and told me that I should have myself circumcised. The reason is that I have phimosis (not a tight one though) and a short tight frenulus.

Is there anyone who had circumcised himself in adult age, to tell me if he felt discomfort from the fact that the glans would be exposed all the time?
I'm scared about that, because i'm not used to have my glans exposed and rubbing in underwear or whatsoever, because the foreskin always covered the glans. And sometimes, when I retracted my foreskin, and touched the glans it didn't feel good, rather discomfort and annoying.

So, how am I going to get used to that, after the circumcision? Has anyone gone through this phase before? Or is it just me?
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replied June 14th, 2007
I Have Had It Done
My Name is Brian and I am 19 years old. I have been curcumcized as a kid (about 5) I am not sure if this info will help you now after 3 years but here we go anyways. I Rember it was senctive after the sugery but no worries. just wear somthing really comphortable for about a week or 2 and you will be fine. The pain goes away and its really no problem. In fact the only "problem" I have ever had was unwelcome pleasures at inconvieant times. I would also recommend getting this done at a hospital not doing it your self. I dont know if that was what you where intending but thats what you made it sound like. Any ways I hope this helps you. God Bless You
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replied March 11th, 2009
I have gotten it done a few days ago
My name is Justin and i am 17 years old. I had to get the surgery from medical conditions. The pain will go away after a day or two after the surgery. After the surgery the doctor may put on a dressing around the main joint between the head and the shaft as well as stitches. To answer your question, it will be uncomfortable for a week or two. Your penis may feel friction against your pants or underpants which will make it very uncomfortable. But you will get used to it and that friction feeling will go away eventually. Trust me, I've had recent experience (Hint: past 6 days). Hope this was useful to you! If you want any more information please write me.
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replied January 24th, 2010
Circumcision side effects, ripping skin
Ah.... alright lads, I had it when I was around 11 years old or so. Now the pain is finally gone,
Alright, it took about a month to stop being uncomfortable, immense pain for the first few days as I couldn’t pee (when I tried it felt like I was squeezing out a melon, not those huge ones but they don’t come much smaller eh...
After the first two weeks it’s grand, swapping gooey pads to keep all clean and since you can’t utilise the shower like you’d like to for a while, I suggest you pick up a hobby until the stitches are supposed to come out and when that time comes, for a laugh you can always flick the dissolvable stitches away…

Just to note… I think when the doctor finished the procedure there might not have been enough excess skin as the skin on one side covering the shaft and bellend seems stretched more so than around the rest of the stitching line. It’s a complete circle of stitching marks all around but at one point the circle line drops down about ½ - 1 cm for about 1 – 2 cm then comes back up with the majority of the stitching line.

The doctor either made a mistake and cut the skin away to far down by mistake and had to stretch the skin up to match with the rest of the skin realignment. (I sure hope not, I would not be happy, paying all that cost for a botched job)


The skin was abnormally tight, further down than in most cases and the doctor had to make do.

I noticed this after everything had healed but it didn’t seem to effect me until I was 24/25 as my skin by the stitching breaks (like a paper cut) at times during sex. Having sex from 17 – 24 yrs old without any problems I can recall, I’m guessing it’s due to the skin at that point being more vulnerable, possibly being over stretched and friction over time has made the skin at that section weaker – hence the tearing like a paper cut.

The skin never rips anywhere else along the stitching line and with the skin feeling like it is a bit tighter when erect at that one point around the stitching,
(On the right hand side in the middle about 1-2 cm from the not at the back of the bellend, where the skin is stretched most (where the dip in the stitching line is))
I am possibly considering a skin graph or something to make it less tight at that area like the rest of the skin around the stitching marks.

I don’t know if this can be fixed??

? ? ?

Also I am sure this is most likely not a problem for everyone who gets it done but to be sure I would ask the doctor in detail about it and use my case as an example to keep the doctor on his toes.
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